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Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Dot Comments is an application that allows you to use .mac's commenting service with your weblog editor of choice. What? You haven't heard that .mac includes a commenting service? It's not exactly an advertised feature.

With iLife '06, Apple introduced a new application called iWeb, which allows you to create nice-looking websites. iWeb includes templates for weblogs, and allows you to write, edit, and manage your weblog entries straight from iWeb. Of course, one of the most popular additions to weblogs is the ability for readers to leave comments using some sort of feedback system. iWeb 1.0 didn't include such a feature, but in April, Apple released iWeb 1.1, which included support for comments. Apple built their own commenting system, exclusively for iWeb weblogs that are published on .mac. Unfortunately, there's no other weblog editor besides iWeb that's been able to use the .mac comments system.

Until now. Dot Comments unlocks the power of the .mac commenting system and allows you to use it with the weblog editor of your choice.

  • Quickly activate comments
    Username, password, URL. That's it.
  • Smart URL handling
    No manual manipulation necessary.
  • Creates proxy pages
    Directs you to correct entry pages.
  • Tutorial included
    Simple 5-step how-to.
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