On this page, you can find various free extras that will do a variety of useful, little things that you might want handy. Many of these are simple AppleScripts. If the script works with iTunes, you can put it in ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ , and the script will show up in an iTunes script menu between the Window and Help menus. Enjoy! :)

SimLiquid: A set of 50 custom levels that I designed for Enigmo.

ZipScripts: ZipScripts is a set of two simple AppleScript droplets that provide a front-end to the command-line zip utility. Currently you can only zip one file or one folder at a time (although the scripts WILL recursively zip items, so you can just drag everything you want to zip into one folder and then zip that folder). Since the "zip" command-line app isn't installed by default, you'll need to download and install the Apple Developer Tools from the ADC website if you haven't done so already.

Delayed Screenshot: This script allows you to use Grab to take timed screenshots at intervals longer than 10 seconds, which is the only interval that Grab allows. For Jaguar, you need to install the GUI scripting tools -- Panther has these built in. However, you do still need to check the "Enable access for assistive devices" box in the Universal Access prefence pane.

iTunes -- Play Said Track: This script allows you to say to iTunes, using your voice, what track you want to play. Note that speech recognition has to be on, this has to be an applet, and it has to be in the ~/Library/Speech/Speakable Items folder. This is based on a hint from MacOSXHints.com .

iTunes -- Create Most Time-Played Playlist: iTunes' "Play Count" ID3 tag is useful, but not when you want to really see what song you play most, since the play time also depends on the length of the song, not just the number of times played. This script goes through your whole library and calculates which songs have been truly played the most, based on play time, not play count. You can also choose the number of songs in the playlist through a dialog provided in the script. This script takes about 1 second per 100 songs in your library.

iTunes -- Fade and Play Sound: This simple AppleScript fades the currently playing iTunes song to 50% volume, plays a specified sound file in QuickTime Player, and then fades the iTunes volume back to 100% volume.

iTunes -- Fade Between Playlists: This script gradually fades the currently playing song to 0% volume, starts a random song in a specified playlist, and then fades the volume back to 100%.

iTunes -- Play Track Once: This script plays a specified track once, and then tells iTunes to stop playing after the song is finished playing.

iTunes -- Randomize Regular Playlist: This iTunes script creates a new playlist from a specified playlist with all the same songs, but with them in a randomized order. This is useful if you want to randomize the order of songs, but tweak the order after the randomization is complete.

iTunes -- WakeUp Script: Modify the script to use your desired date, and then run it. iTunes will then start playing a specified iTunes playlist at the desired time, like an alarm clock.

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