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Sunday, 2003-03-30; 08:06:00

Finally, a break from all that political bickering!

Ever have those times when you find a new piece of music where parts of the lyrics just totally apply to your life, and you kind of feel like the song was written about you? I seem to have had that happen a lot in recent memory.

The first was Discotheque, by U2: [SNIP: Discotheque, by U2]

The lyrics to this piece of music when I first heard it really resonated with me. It's practically the only song that I've found where virtually the whole song has a meaning to me and hits home. To even find a song like that is pretty amazing. I leave it up to the reader to discern the meaning of the lyrics.

I'm a big fan of U2, when one of my online friends pointed me to a couple of their songs, and I got really interested. Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby were the first CDs that I purchased when I found out how great of a band they were. Their songs are really deep, and require some thought to figure out what they're really about, and the song isn't saturated with lyrics so that you have to concentrate on listening to the words rather than the music itself. The sound in almost all U2 songs is also really enjoyable to listen to, and usually go with the mood of the lyrics. To date, this is really the band that has created most of my favorite songs.

The second was "Sometimes", by Nine Days:

[SNIP: Sometimes. by Nine Days]

Most of the lyrics to this piece didn't apply when I first heard them, but I liked the overall idea of the song. Only recently have the lyrics begun to take on real meaning (mostly beginning late into last school year), just like the lyrics of one of my other favorite songs, "Everything You Want", by Vertical Horizon:

[SNIP: Everything You Want, by Vertical Horizon]

I first heard "Everything You Want" a couple years ago, and I really liked it. They were also one of the earliest bands I liked to listen to.

Both of these songs are a bit poignant to me, just like "Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way" now is (which I posted in a previous entry). It's kind of funny that short songs like these can really have a drastic effect on your mood when you listen to them. Like during the writing of my first real blog entry ("So... here it is.", 3/5/03), they kind of make me feel sad and depressed, but I try not to do that too often to myself. I've learned to cope with it.

The last one is "Final Answer", also by The Calling, which ranks up there with the songs that seem to apply a great deal to my life, yet not as much as those previous three. The lyrics to this song can be interpreted in one of two ways, the first of which is the one that applies mostly to me. I also REALLY enjoy the singing and lyrics during the first verse of this piece. Unfortunately, I don't have enough space to post it at this time.

I never tire of listening to any four of these songs. These four bands, U2, Vertical Horizon, Nine Days, and The Calling, seem to be pretty talented, and I really look forward to listening to some of their future works. I have many favorite Vertical Horizon songs, including "Best I Ever Had", and "You Say", many favorite Nine Days songs, including "Crazy", "Bitter", "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)", and "If I Am", a bunch of favorite The Calling songs (which I've talked about earlier), and COUNTLESS favorite U2 songs, the list of which would probably go on for at least a paragraph ("Babyface", "New Year's Day", "One Tree Hill", "Peace on Earth", "Please", "Pride (In the Name of Love)", "With or Without You", "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)", etc.).

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other songs you think I'd like based on what I've posted so far. I always like to discover new songs. :)

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