One to Twenty-Five

Saturday, 2005-09-10; 04:30:00

A game!

Here's a fun game that I created. It's called "One to Twenty-Five."

You have to find, in your music library, twenty-five songs, each of which have a different number in the title -- the numbers which you need are, obviously, the numbers between one and twenty-five. There need to be some rules, so here they are:

1. The number has to be by itself in the title -- it can be the number itself or the word. So the song "1985", for example, cannot be used for the number one (or the numbers 5, 8, 9, or 19). In the case where there's a hyphen, as in "19-85", the two parts on either side of the hyphen are considered two distinct numbers.

2. The number has to be in the title of the song. It doesn't count if the number's only in the artist or album name.

3. You have to find each song on the iTMS. If you don't find it on the iTMS, it doesn't count. Out of courtesy, put the link to the song in the iTMS, because it's easier to check your songs like that. If you can't or don't want to use the iTMS, you can also use DailyTunes. However, all the songs in the iTMS aren't necessarily in DailyTunes; so the best is to use the iTMS.

4. Each entry has to be a song. Podcasts, audiobooks, and video don't count.

5. You have to have the songs on your computer. They don't have to even be listened to once, but they have to be on your computer. Don't be lame, though, and go and download all 25 songs right now. It's better if you like the songs, but it's not required.

6. It's pretty simple to figure out your score: all you have to do is add up the numbers that you found in your music library. For example, if you found the numbers 4, 8, 13, and 25 in your library, you would have 50 points. The maximum that you can get is 325.

7. If you are reading these rules, you have to participate in the game -- it's required. (Put your songs on your weblog, and leave a comment on mine.)

So, here are my songs:

"Unwritten Letter, No. 1", by Vienna Teng
"Breathe (2AM)", by Anna Nalick
"Dallas 4 PM", by Tiësto
"Davidsbundlertanze, Op. 6: XVII. As If from a Distance", by Jonathan Biss (I like classical music, but I've only listened to this song once)
"Seven Nation Army", by The White Stripes
"Sk8er Boi", by Avril Lavigne
"Love Comes Again (Original 12" Version)", by DJ Tiesto
"Used to Love U (14)", by John Legend (I don't usually listen to this song, I just downloaded it when it was free)
"15 Beers Ago", by Deaf Pedestrians (meh)
"18", by Moby
"19-2000", by Gorillaz (meh)
"23", by Jimmy Eat World
"Twenty Four Hours", by Athlete

153 points. What about you?

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