The U2 Concert

Monday, 2005-04-18; 03:02:00

Last Sunday, I went to San Jose to attend the U2 concert. It was the first time that I went to a rock concert. It was a bit expensive, but I think it was worth it, and I enjoyed it very much.

I really like U2's new Cd, "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb", which was released last November. But it was another thing entirely to see them live. We had great seats: directly across from the stage, so we could see really easily but the sound wasn't too loud. They started with "Love and Peace or Else", and they performed most of their new CD, as well as a good part of "Joshua Tree" ("Running to Stand Still" included, but not "With or Without You"). My friends who had seen U2 previously said that there were better songs to perform live, but I couldn't complain.

As always, there were lights everywhere to create a spectacular sensation. It was a bit strange at times, though, because for the song "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own", there was a walking man (made of lights) that was walking for the whole song. I didn't think it made sense. Also, Bono is always a bit preachy, what with all that stuff about the Pope and human rights. (It's not that I don't think their good things, it's just that I don't think a concert is the best place for them.)

Nonetheless, I really like U2's music because it's never the same. They have a different sound with every CD, but not too different. "All That You Can't Leave Behind" was had really "emotional" lyrics and was a bit slow, but the current CD is stronger and faster. Oftentimes, you can almost dance to their music, and the lyrics seem to be applicable to my life. Other times, the lyrics evoke incredible images, like "in my dream I was drowning in sorrows / but my sorrows, they learned to swim / surrounding me, going down on me / spilling over the brim" in "Until the End of the World". It doesn't matter that there's often a religious message in their music; the music itself is good enough that I can overlook that. (A lot of the time there isn't a religious message, so I can appreciate those that do.) I don't know... it's difficult to describe why I like U2.

Anyway, it was a great concert, and I'm glad I went. Sometime I need to get U2's other CDs that I don't have...

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