Driver's license update

Saturday, 2003-04-19; 09:01:00

Just a note about the restrictions on driver's licenses

In my last post about my driver's license, I said that I couldn't transport anybody under 20 for the first 6 months, and I couldn't drive between midnight and 5 AM for the first year.

Well, I looked this up on the DMV website, at the suggestion of my friend Eric, and here's the relevant portion:

Persons under 18 may not be employed to drive a motor vehicle. When you become 18, the provisional part of your license ends. You may continue to drive as an adult using your photo license, which will expire on your 4th birthday after the date you applied.

Yay! That means I have no restrictions on my driver's license! Woohoo! (Thanks a bunch, Eric, for tentatively pointing this out.)

Funny that the DMV person still put a sticker on my temporary driver's license papers, though, notifying me of these restrictions.

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