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Monday, 2003-04-07; 09:02:00

Yay! I passed my driving test!

Woohoo! I passed my driving test! It wasn't that eventful: I just got out of my geo class early to drive down to the stupid Santa Clara DMV (the Mountain View DMV was 2 blocks from my house, but in the DMV's infinite wisdom, it was closed). Anyway, they printed out a new photo for my permit, and then I was supposed to drive around back to start the test -- of course, the Honda had to start overheating, so my dad and I quickly drove to the nearest gas station to put water in the car, and then we drove back to the DMV. The test itself wasn't too hard (haha the instructor asked me one time to pull off to the curb, and then drive back in a straight line, but I didn't understand and I thought she wanted me to merge back into the traffic, lol!), and I had a few errors (like taking right turns a little sharp, and clipping the bike lane a bit -- all in all I had 4 errors out of a possible 15 that you could have and still pass). It was pretty cool when I found out I passed. :)

The only problem is that for the first 6 months, I can't have anybody under 20 as passengers, so that will mean I can't really drive around any friends during the summer. :( I also can't drive between 12 and 5 AM at night for the first year, but that's not as big of a deal. :shrug:

The other cool thing that's kind of random is that I managed to do my taxes completely electronically. Last year I had to send in a few papers, but this year I was able to electronically sign it and send it off, and have the refund deposited right into my savings account. Ah, the joys of modern computing. :)

Oh, by the way, check out the cool new preview of my class schedule. :)

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