Wednesday, 2003-03-26; 08:07:00

A poem in honor of the forest trail that a friend from the dorm and I walked on this afternoon.

Sprinkles of rain fall
gently on the trail
as my friend and I begin to walk
up through the mud
and the grass on the ground

Nobody is near
to marr such a beautiful landscape
to take away the peace and silence
that is given to us

On top of every blade of grass
there are drops of dew
each one reflecting the light from above
to scatter the colors,
change the essence of the bright neon green
that covers the ground

Earthworms crawl before our feet
as we continue to tread uphill
through the silver mist
to destinations unknown

A path veers left
covered not by sand or mud
but by rich brown dirt
and dark green plants

The wind blows through my hair
and as it does, it blows away
my worries
my hopes
every remnant of life
in the city
leaving only awe and inspiration
at such an untouched piece of nature

We walk
away from our car, away from the road
away to a place where
green is the sole color,
water is the only drink,
and us two are the only people

Looking into the forest
is almost magical
where oak trees dominate, with
moss covering their skin,
pools collecting inside holes in the bark

We are the strange ones,
the intruders,
trudging on the wet path on a wet morning,
yet our presence is accepted
and we are allowed to bask
in the quiet
in the mystery
where thinking about anything else
would be not soaking up the peace
and contentment
that is fleeting

And taking a picture
would be robbing this place
of its atmosphere
and its essence
that cannot be found
anywhere else

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