It's over!

Friday, 2003-03-21; 08:12:00

Woo! Winter quarter of my sophomore year is over here at Stanford!

So it's finally finished and done with. Well, I take that back... it was finally finished and done with on Tuesday night (so far I've gotten two A-s and an A, hopefully the last two classes will go as well). :p I've been hanging around at home home (not dorm home) for a few days, and coming back every once in a while to the dorm (like I am now) to take care of some things. Ahh... it's been so nice. I haven't had really much to worry about, so I've been lazing around surfing the internet, and doing a bit of work on my program to prepare for it's upcoming release of version 2.2.1. Of course, I'm going to have to update the damn help files and that'll take time, especially for the localizers.

Today I'm back because I had to take care of a payment for my program via snail mail (kind of annoying, but I get 45 cents for the extra effort, lol), and I also wanted to install Remote Desktop on my Mac, so I don't ever have to come back here to the dorm to take care of computer stuff (no, turning on file sharing doesn't work, especially when dealing with e-mail and stuff). It's installed, and I just have to restart, and then hopefully it'll work. I also actually cleaned my dorm room! Woo, it looks nice, now. :)

Anyhoo, I've been lazing around at home, petting Baby Kitty, and watching The Simpsons and Will & Grace (besides the obvious computer stuff). I've been trying to minimize the computer usage because I think I'm getting a mild case of carpal tunnel (sp?) syndrome, which seems to usually crop up when I use a non-Dvorak keyboard. I probably should go see the doctor about it.

Here's a pic of Baby Kitty if you've never had the enjoyable experience of petting him (this one's about 4 months old):

(When I originally imported it from iPhoto, it was HUGE, so I scaled it down. :p )

Oh, yeah, and I went to sviggle to play DDR for about an hour and a half, which was really fun (I haven't done that in a LONG time), especially since there was virtually no one there so we got to hog the machine all to ourselves.

I'm also probably going to attempt to get my driver's license next week (if I can schedule an appointment), because I think I'm probably good enough to pass a driver's test (even though I've only parallel parked twice, once on a hill though, THAT was scary). Wish me luck!

Last but not least, I must say that Charity has impeccable taste in music (at least as far as "The Calling" is concerned): I found a few others I like: "Final Answer", "For You", and "Nothing's Changed At All" (I'll probably link them later). The only song I don't really like of theirs is "Stigmatized" (I certainly won't be linking that one later :p ).

Hope everyone's having as good a time as I am. Later.

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