July 4, Hair

Sunday, 2003-07-06; 12:12:00

A really brief entry about some personal things.

This is a really short and random entry. Don't expect this frequent posting to become a trend or anything, OK?

So hands up, who here who went to see a Fireworks show on July 4? (OK, you can stop looking stupid and put your hand down now.) Well, I did. But unlike past years when I went to Shoreline in a car, we went in a plane. :) We could see fireworks all around the bay, ranging from San Francisco all the way down to San Jose. But it was awesome because we circled right around the place where the people at Shoreline were lighting up their fireworks, so we got to see a real close up fireworks show. :) Hee, I pity the fool who was lined up in that big long line on Shoreline road -- man was that road backed up! This is the ONLY way to see a fireworks show. :)

And on another random note, my hair is really bugging me right now. I've gotten past the annoying stage where it's between short length and long length -- it's definitely at the long stage. ;) But what annoys me is it's between the long stage and the long enough for ponytail stage; I can put all of my hair into a ponytail EXCEPT for the side locks of my front bangs. ARG that's so annoying! It makes my hairstyle look all stupid when I wear it in a ponytail, even though it's really nice since it keeps all my hair out of my face. ROAR! Grow longer already!

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