Mission Dolores Bell Tower, Contrail, Moon

Saturday, 2009-11-28; 15:41:27

Picture of Mission Dolores in San Francisco

I took this picture on Thursday, while walking to BART to go to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

I looked up in the sky and I noticed a nice airplane contrail with the moon nearby. I was near Mission Dolores at the time, so I figured I’d take a shot of the bell tower with the contrail and moon. My intent was to capture the contrail and moon next to each other, but I was moving out of the way of the tons of power lines, so I guess I managed to place the moon dead-on target. Looks pretty cool, IMHO.

I could crop out those last two power lines, but I think they actually make a nice contrast to the line of the contrail.

Also, there’s a big pause button on the side of the bell tower. That’s weird.

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