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Wednesday, 2003-03-05; 08:48:00

More about iBlog, musings about tonight.

[EDIT 2: Seems iBlog has some quirks. I've set it up to put the latest blog entry first, but it's refusing to do that, even though it did it before until I did the first edit. Oh, well -- it works pretty well except for these few quirks.]

[EDIT: No, you cannot post comments yet. Maybe I'll be able to set that up somehow... we'll see.]

I guess this program is pretty sweet. Looks like it's pretty slick, and made the actual creation of the blog an actual snap -- no dealing with HTML or any of that stuff (I bet any of you Windows users don't have any cool application like this -- yes, that includes you Charity and June).

Here's a great song that Charity said she and Ivo mutually liked, and I do too:

[SNIP: "Could It Be Any Harder" by The Calling]

Wow, this is cool. Nice going iBlog... it integrates with iTunes and iPhoto (just browse the playlists/albums you've created, and select the song/pic you want), and allows you to add movies too, if you want. I guess we'll see how it turns out on the webpage.

Anyway... musings:

-- Yes, I know I swore to Bryce that I would never blog, and now I've broken that promise. I guess I just didn't want to go to the trouble to set it up, but iBlog makes it a snap. And NetNewsWire makes looking at blogs really easy if they have syndication (like iBlog automatically creates), but unfortunately neither Bryce's nor Charity's blog have syndication. BOOO.

-- I just read Charity's weblog in its entirety. I smiled when she mentioned the "fiasco" with the $20 bill... but heehee she didn't mention that *I* had the last laugh. Later that night while I was working on the computer, I had a revelation and ran downstairs and gaped in horror... she indeed snuck that darn $20 in the bag. So when I sent her a "late Christmas present", I put the $20 in there. Looks like the start of the inside joke.

But overall I feel a bit depressed from reading her blog. She's found true love and is even getting ready to be married, and I haven't even had an actual relationship yet. That really sucks. I wish I could have someone from who I could never stand to be apart. I hope that day comes soon...

Anyway, that's not all that I feel depressed about.. I miss a lot of people from high school... Charity, June, Eleanor and her sister (yeesh I can't even remember her name... sorry :( ), Amy (although I could visit her anytime), Paul, and a lot of the other people who I knew for a few years, and some from since elementary school. That's the only thing I regret from skipping one year of high school... I didn't get to be with those people.

-- I watched Final Fantasy on my Mac the other day... wow, what a feat of 3D rendering. The plot was half-way decent (although it probably wouldn't have stood up without the rest), but the music just made it a great experience. The song called "The Dream Within" almost makes me cry sometimes.... speaking of which, I haven't cried in a long time. Sometimes I hear a poignant song and I feel like crying, but I cant. But then I cry at the smallest things ever... like that time at Bryce's when his neighbor's dog was bounding up to me and I just freaked out, or that time in junior high when I got a C on a test and it REALLY wasn't a big deal but I cried anyway right in front of the teacher and students. I suppose I've overcome it a bit, but I always still have that urge to cry at the smallest things, and yet I can't cry at things that I should be able to.

Here's "The Dream Within" (yeesh, I'm going to exceed my 20 MB allotted space on my iDisk with my second blog entry -- NOW I wish I didn't have a complementary .Mac account):

[SNIP: "The Dream Within" by "Elliot Goldenthal", with "Lara Fabian" singing]

I suppose I've written all I can tonight, and I should go to bed. I told Bryce when he spontaneously dropped by that I would go to bed soon after he left, and yet here I am still up... go figure.

If anyone reading this knows someone from high school who doesn't know about this blog, please tell them... I'd love to get in contact with them again. I might use iBlog's feature that allows you to announce the blog to people in your Address Book... whatever. Hopefully I'm going to bed, unless I end up talking to Charity and/or Bryce some more.

-- sim

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