Tuesday, 2003-04-01; 08:46:00


Just wanted to let you guys know that it seems that today I was contacted by Pria Ofolls from Apple, who was inquiring about purchasing my one and only program, Memory Usage Getter. She said that despite the fact that Apple engineers are working hard at introducing powerful new features in Mac OS X Panther, none of them were willing to work on upgrading the almost-useless Process Viewer that is currently shipping with Mac OS X Jaguar. I was kind of surprised at first when she said this, but I can see their point -- it is kind of boring.

Nonetheless, they've also (obviously) offerred me a job, so I've decided that that's what I'm probably going to do after leaving Stanford this quarter. It's kind of exciting to know that I'll finally be going to work at Apple, and maybe I'll be able to meet the venerable Dave Hyatt after all!

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