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Saturday, 2003-07-26; 03:56:00

This is probably the most irrational experiment I have ever done.

So let's try an experiment.

Today I was reading in the newspaper about normal people running for governor. The San Francisco Chronicle talked about 4 different normal people who were planning to run for governor, since the election to recall our current governor Gray Davis has officially been certified. Who doesn't have a dream of becoming someone important, even if it's a long shot? I admire people who have the guts to do something like this.

Getting on the recall ballot entails doing one of two things: one must either 1) obtain 65 signatures and pay $3500 to get on the ballot, or 2) obtain 10,000 signatures. According to this page, potential candidates must file the required paperwork "no less than 59 days before a scheduled recall election". That would put the date at about August 9th (if I counted correctly), which is coming up very soon.

So I'm going to try an experiment. I'm going to see if I can raise the $3,500 needed to put myself on the ballot for the special election for California's governor, since getting 10,000 signatures in about 2 weeks is something that I really don't expect to do. (You DO also have to be a registered voter in California.)

Instead, I'd like to reach out to those people on the internet. I'm going to (hopefully) get a story posted on Slashdot about this (we'll see how THAT turns out), so that I'll get a lot of hits. I already have a posted PayPal account where people can donate. My PayPal e-mail address is .

[EDIT: You can read the official list of FAQ here.]

Thanks to anyone who reads this entry! I'm hoping it'll be a lot of people, and not just my usual blog readers.

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