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Friday, 2003-05-09; 09:19:00

You'd better be voting.

You DO know that election day is on June 3, right? You haven't forgotten, have you?

Yes, that's correct, there's an election next month. That means, under California State Law, you have to register by May 19th in order to vote.

Of course, the election is only on Measure E, and as far as I can tell, it's only for Mountain View citizens, since it only affects the Mountain View-Whisman School District. Darn!

That doesn't mean I'm not holding anyone to my aforementioned promise. I hope those of you living in Mountain View have registered. Just because this election is only in Mountain View, and only deals with one measure doesn't mean it's important. Au contraire! It's VERY important. It deals with levying a 5 cent per square foot annual tax on buildings, in order to fund the school district. As you should already know, our state educational system is facing massive budget cuts, and in order to keep the quality of education up, more money needs to be provided.

My dad is an educator, and this issue directly affects me and my family. He works at Almond Elementary School, as a computer teacher. Recently, his pay and benefits were cut. If Measure E is not approved, it's possible that he could potentially face more cuts. That's why this is so important -- it directly affects our teachers.

Of course, if you're not in Mountain View, then you can't vote on it, but it is likely that there will be similar measures being voted on in your district, so be on the lookout.

Now, on to the other issue of today's political update. Are you not sure where to turn to get information on current political events? Then go to MoveOn.org and sign up for their newsletter. Every week there is almost one or two updates on super-important issues that everybody needs to be concerned with, and it details everything you need to do to get involved, as well as more things in case you are so inclined. Furthermore, their updates always include links to many relevant articles to get information on the situation, so you don't have to rely on blind faith.

Trust me, it's a good source of information, and you don't need to read every update if you don't want to. But I would highly recommend it. If you are concerned more about digital rights issues, then you might want to try eff.org or DigitalConsumer.org. Both are great sources of information on political issues directly dealing with technology. These sites are also good reads, although they don't hand it to you right on a silver platter as MoveOn.org does (not that that's bad, or anything, but it just requires more effort to find the information and do something about it).

Definitely check those three sites out. You'll be a more informed citizen when you need to vote on upcoming issues.

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