Failed Experiment

Tuesday, 2003-07-29; 06:28:00

... and that's the end of THAT chapter.

Uhhhhhh, yeah.

So it turns out that PayPal doesn't allow personal accounts to receive credit card payments: you have to upgrade to a Premier or Business account. But if you upgrade, PayPal then gets a cut for each incoming transaction (even if it's not a credit card payment). That would mean that people would have to take a hit for their donations, by going through PayPal.

Given that I would've already required people to sign up for a PayPal account, having the added inconvenience of forcing people to verify bank accounts for their PayPal accounts (so they could send money without taking a hit) would be just a tad ridiculous, not to mention that verifying bank accounts takes 2-3 business days.

So I've shut down that experiment. Right idea, wrong execution.

Stupid PayPal thwarts my efforts to raise thousands upon thousands of dollars to finance my campaign. Consternation! Uproar! *** sim shakes his fist at PayPal. ;)

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