Tuesday, 2003-07-22; 01:07:00

No, Bryce, it is NOT a dark day.

[EDIT: Hey, people. I know some of you are snooping around and not posting in the comments. Shame on you. :p ]

Well, I've decided to post a quiz. No, this is not one of those lame QuizDiva-like [WARNING: Potential offensive material] things like the one that Charity has as the first entry on her blog [WARNING: Potential offensive material] (which, incidentally, is now about almost 4 months old!); like I said, those "quizzes" are lame (even ones not from QuizDiva), and don't expect to see them appear on this weblog anytime soon (not that this sentence is supposed to give you any indication of Charity's character ;) ). I have my standards to uphold! Bryce's blog has already been tainted multiple times, as well. Pff!

No, this is a quiz that _I_ create for you, my precious readers, in which to indulge yourselves. The questions below deal with a smattering of different things in my life, ranging from anything to everything, including all things in between. :) This test is probably not representative of how well someone knows me, especially since I'll probably be biased towards different topics, but I'll try to be as fair as possible. I'll also try to make them as obscure as possible so that there are no easy questions.

Post your answers in the comments -- feel free to skip ones for which you have no idea (you COULD guess if you really wanted to). Anybody's welcome to try and answer the quiz; feel free to collaborate and try to coax the answers from me, with bribes and such. :) And feel free to pass the URL around. :)

(Pssst, I do have hints that I will give out in a future entry.)

So, without further ado, I present the first Simone History Quiz!

1. What is the name of the teddy bear that I brought to my first grade teddy bear parade?

2. What is the name of the band that I recently discovered, which is composed of three sisters and a brother, and who like to cover and remix a WHOLE bunch (much to my dismay)?

3. Who was my first math teacher at Los Altos High School?

4. What was the first Mac that my family ever owned?

5. What was the name of my friend who used to live in my apartment complex during elementary and junior high school?

6. Where was I born?

7. How long have I lived in Mountain View?

8. How many different countries have I visited? Bonus points if you can name them.

9. What was the first book I ever read?

10. What was the first year I ever attended a MacWorld Expo keynote address by Steve Jobs?

11. When I got my first paycheck, where did I work?

12. With whom did I used to be good friends with in junior high school, who went to Menlo High School (is it called Menlo College or something?), and who I just recently re-encountered at college?

13. What game did Duncan, Bryce, and I (along with a few other kids) used to play at lunchtime during high school?

14. During what grade was the first time I ever skipped ahead in math?

15. Name, in order, the teachers that I had during elementary school, starting with first grade. Only last names are required. Bonus points if you can name the two teachers that later changed their names because they got married (you must name both their original name and new name to get the bonus points). Partial credit will be given for this question.

16. What was the name of the typing program that was part of my elementary school curriculum?

17. What did I used to tell everyone that my name meant?

18. What are the REAL names of my two cats?

19. What was the nickname of the first online friend (i.e.: I first met him online) I met in person?

20. What was the nickname of the online friend, who I met on GameRanger, with whom I still converse on AIM a lot, but who I have never met in person?

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