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Friday, 2003-12-19; 02:40:00

Here's another quiz for you all!

Since I had fun making the last quiz, here's another one for you all (note I don't really care whether YOU had fun or not :p ). For this one, you'll need to identify the speaker of the quote. If you can explain the context (briefly will be just fine), you'll get bonus points! No bonus points without the speaker, though.

I've tried to pick the quotes from a very wide swath of situations, so don't assume that you won't know any of them if you're not something like a technology freak. In fact, only one of these quotes has to do with technology. :)

If the stupid comments aren't working, you can e-mail your guesses to me, if you want. But you could always just wait until the commenting system comes back up.

[Ed. note: Some of these quotations may not be exact -- I am not responsible for those people who did not utter memorable phrases.]

1. "Getting a hold of [her] is like getting a hold of the Pope... except harder."

2. "I'm a skeptic, not a cynic." [Ed. note: Yeah, right.]

3. "Your love's more deadly than Saddam.... that's why I gotta drop da bomb!"

4. "If you've got a caper, then you know who to call! It's The Sneak, it's The Sneak!"

5. "Not that it really matters what I feel. It's nice to think about, I guess. But I wouldn't want to spoil it by getting my hopes up."

6. "It is corrosive to one's character to steal."

7. "I'm usually right about these things."

8. "At your command, before you here I stand, my heart is in my hand..... yecch."

9. "Some words when spoken... can't be taken back. Walks on his own... with thoughts he can't help thinking."

10. "These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed."

11. "Nine night of matter, black flowers blossom. Fearless on my breath."

12. "[He] will return. The most important person in the world to him is here, you."

13. "Life is like [a] camera: you can get all the materials you need to put it together, and two of the cameras may look exactly alike, built with the same parts and work in exactly the same way, but each will produce its own unique image -- it is our own vision that will make the difference in the outcome of our lives."

14. "In other words, you know how their minds work AND you can talk about it."

15. "Dead cats!"

16. "Simple pimple: it pops right out!" [Ed. note: Ew.]

17. "Tell me how you drive and I'll tell you what kind of idiot you are."

18. "[Y]ou think of other things that are bothering you, questions that you still don't have the answer to, other people to whom you need to tell something very important, but you know that you can't. You think of what would have happened if you had said something earlier, when the time was right, or what would've been different if you had made a different decision in the past."

19. "And they found no brain."

20. "Shall we go swim in the sky?!"

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