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Friday, 2003-03-14; 08:28:00

The Wednesday of Dr. Dement's last lecture was a fun day!

[UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the a San Francisco Chronicle (booo) reporter took a picture of Dr. Dement and I (and another student) driving off in the golf cart, but I don't think it made it to the newspaper. Oh well. :shrug: ]

Wednesday was probably one of the greatest days I've had in a while. It started out as a normal Wednesday, getting up at 8 in the morning to go to my morning classes (Physics, Geo, Italian). After all that I went back to the dorm and had lunch, played a quick game of air hockey with my roommate, and then we headed off to the final Sleep & Dreams lecture to take the final.

So there are about 5 people in our dorm who were taking Sleep and Dreams this quarter, and we all started walking over there, doing some last-minute cramming (even though we all knew we didn't really need to do it). Just as we were walking into Memorial Auditorium, my roommate jokingly said something like, "We didn't need to bring our sleep journals today, did we?" (We had recorded down all our sleep habits for the past 8 weeks, and we were supposed to turn the journal in on Wednesday.) I realized that I had forgot mine, and after the obligatory swearing (college sure has changed me :p ), I ran back to my bike -- it turns out another person in our dorm had forgotten hers, so I was going to get hers as well.

Turns out that while I was gone, they displayed like a bunch of really hard problems (not multiple choice) on the screen, small enough so you had to strain to read them, and told everybody they had 20 minutes or so. And then like 5 minutes into it, they told everybody they were just kidding and that the final was cancelled. Of course, since it was Memorial Auditorium, everybody crumpled up the papers they were working on and started throwing them around.

I got there about 15 minutes after the start of class, and they were doing a review of the course, and Dr. Dement was telling a few stories. The San Jose Mercury News was there, filming the event, and the San Francisco Chronicle (booo) was also there later, outside. Anyway, the Stanford Band eventually came in and played three songs (one of which was All Right Now, of course), and everybody was clapping, and Dr. Dement was dancing a bit (which was kind of funny), and then we all exited and there was a huge mass of people and a huge mass of confusion in the lobby, since we needed to turn in our Sleep Journals there.

Outside there were tons of people, and the band was jumping in the fountain and getting all wet. I didn't feel like going to Physics section, so I asked one of my dormmates if she wanted to go fountain hopping (i.e.: jump in the fountain). Ahhh, it felt so good to be in that cold water (it was dang cold!) on such a hot day, and we eventually convinced my roommate to jump in, too.

We stayed in there for about 15 minutes or so, and then I went up and asked Dr. Dement a few questions (I think my dad has sleep apnea), and then he offered to give me a ride in the Sleep and Dreams shuttle (an oversized golf cart that goes up to 22 or so MPH) back to my dorm. I quickly got my stuff and got in (even though I had my bike), and then he drove me back.

Anyway, an hour or so later, my roommate, I, and some other dormmates went over to ColdStone Creamery in the Village Corner, and had this big mondo ice cream. After that, we returned back to the dorm and I lazed around the rest of the day (and slept 'til 12:45 PM the next day).

Ahhh, was that a fun day. :)

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