Late Night Air Hockey Rocks!

Monday, 2003-03-10; 08:28:00

Our dorm got an air hockey table, the newest form of procrastination in Murray House!

Our dorm got an air hockey table for the lounge!! Woo, I'm so excited! :) I played a few games late last night after Flicks; it was pretty funny, because we were getting a little competitive and a person from the third (yes, that's right, third) floor came down to tell us we were making too much noise (NEWS FLASH: The lounge is not on the second or third floor). It was really fun, though... at one point we were playing with both pucks on the table, and they're light enough that if you hit them hard, they go flying off the table. We should probably get some heavier pucks.

So now I get to say "Nyahh, ha ha!" to anyone in a dorm who only has a foosball table. :)

Um, sooo... yeah. Nothing else too exciting going on this warm, summer Monday (or at least that's what it feels like). This is the last week of actual classes for Winter quarter (yay!), and then finals are next week. I haven't looked at my math take-home final (which I really should do, because I'm scared that I won't be able to do half of it), but the only other final I'm kind of nervous about is Physics. But I'm sure it'll go fine. It feels like a normal week, nothing special.

Oh, yeah, and I fixed my flat.

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