Math Take-Home Final

Wednesday, 2004-06-09; 10:31:00


Fucking math final. Or more accurately, fucking me. Why the hell couldn't I get those problems? There were 6, and I only got 3 of them... I put stuff that was obviously wrong on the other 3, because I couldn't come up with anything else. I got the biggest problem in the sense that it was worth 20 points as opposed to all others being worth 10, but that doesn't really give me any comfort.

Sure, I'm worried about the grade in that class now, especially since the final is worth 50% of my grade, but I'm more pissed off about the fact that I just couldn't get the problems. I've taken Math 152 (and did well in it), and Math 110 is basically the same stuff all over again. Even though it seemed hard, I can't believe that the problems were really that hard -- I think I was just overlooking some obvious things. It really just bugs me that I wasn't able to finish the problems, especially since I really like this kind of math.

Rrrgh. I feel like I really want to smash something.

As you can tell, finals haven't been going as well as I'd have wanted. Or maybe I'm just frustrated with this quarter. Stats didn't go too well... 66/120... but that's only because I haven't really cared about that class enough to try and really understand the last half of the class. I got a B+ in the class, though, which is enough for me. My linguistics final went OK, but I messed up 3 of the 12 language families that we were supposed to identify, and I made up some answers to questions to which I didn't know the direct answer. I guess volcanology went OK, too, but I doubt I did very well on the hand sample/thin section part of the final, because that's always my weak point in geology since GES 80 didn't really help much at all in that regard. And then there's this stupid math final.

I still have my final project for structural geology which is due tomorrow and I haven't started it yet. That probably can't go too badly, since I haven't heard that it's particularly hard from my classmates, but you never know with structure.

All in all, I guess finals this quarter could've been worse so far, but I'm just really frustrated with that number theory final. But it bugs me when I can't understand or do something about which I care to learn, and that goes for both math and geology.

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