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Wednesday, 2005-03-23; 11:08:00

If I had written earlier, I would have said that classes weren't going well, that I was afraid of failing a few classes, and that I wasn't succeeding at doing anything on the weekends. In reality, classes weren't going so bad, but they weren't going so well either.

Luckily that I didn't write anything, because it would've been really boring, and even a bit exaggerated. In any case, I passed all my classes, even the most difficult ones: physical chemistry and logic. Actually, it's not that they were too hard, but it's just that I didn't like those two classes, and so I really didn't make an effort in those classes. In fact, I did all of the logic homework the night before, so I only did a few problems for each problem set instead of doing all of them.

I think that this is the first time this has happened at Stanford -- I've done classes I haven't liked before, but I've always done the homework and I've always done fairly well. Instead, I got a C in both physical chemistry and logic. I'm not really proud of these grades, but I'm a bit relieved, because I was scared of getting an F especially in logic. (Remember that usually, I exaggerate these kinds of feelings.)

I think the fact that I was still getting into the normal rhythm of Stanford made me become a bit more lazy than usual, and when you have 19 units of classes, it's never good to become lazy. It was about 6 months since I had done problem sets, and I had to do 3 or 4 per week. I don't think I have to say that things were a bit overwhelming.

(It's not an exaggeration that there wasn't a weekend where I got something productive done.)

Anyway, I'm finishing everything right this quarter. I'm doing a class in CS for my math major (automata and complexity theory), I'm taking an igneous and metamorphic petrology class for my geology major, an Italian literature class for my Italian minor, and a "class" for my thesis. This time, though, I'll only have 15 units, so I'll be able to breathe a bit.

Oh, one last thing: news about grad school. It looks like I'm going to return to Stanford for another 4 years: the department of geology here at Stanford offered me admission to the Ph.D. program. They also offered me a big scholarship, so I'm thinking of accepting the offer. I'm really happy about this, obviously. :)

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