Physics Midterm...

Wednesday, 2003-05-21; 09:26:00

I didn't do as bad as I thought... relatively speaking.

So the grades for the physics midterm I alluded to on Monday were posted.

I received an e-mail saying that the mean was 34 and the standard deviation 18. This is out of 100. Ouch.

That means that 68% of the people got 52 or below on the exam. 95% got below 70, and 99.7% got below 88. This is all, of course, statistically speaking, but that's pretty darn dismal.

I ended up getting a 35. Worse than I thought I would get absolutely speaking (I thought I got 2 of the questions fully, but I guess I didn't -- each question was worth 20), but better than I thought I would get, relatively speaking.

I don't feel so bad, now, about that midterm...

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