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Monday, 2003-03-17; 08:27:00

After finishing my sickeningly hard Math 121 final, I can almost feel what it's going to be like after tomorrow's finals...

Do you know that feeling you get after you turn in a huge paper or a really hard take-home final? That one where it feels like a big heavy load has been lifted off of your back even though you may have some other stuff to do? Well, that's what it feels like right now, even though I have a short Italian essay to finish for tomorrow, and two finals for which to study for tomorrow. I finished my Math 121 final a few hours ago (I turned it in around 2), and I've been relaxing for a bit doing other stuff before I get in gear again.

I was pretty confident in my answer to 7 out of 8 of the problems (even though I fudged a bit of some of them), but the last one I didn't really have a clue as to how to get started, so I totally made the solution up (I wonder how many points I'll squeeze out of that problem). So hopefully I won't do too badly in this class. We'll see.

I can't wait 'til after tomorrow (finals are done) because then I'll probably go home and get a good dinner and do some laundry, and then I can continue my bike rides that have gone neglected since finals have been completely dominating my schedule.

Anyhoo, enough about school... following up on Charity's statement that she likes just about all of The Calling's songs, I decided to find out if I liked them too. Here are my favorites, in addition to "Could It Be Any Harder" that Charity recommended before and the obvious shoo-in, "Wherever you Will Go":

[SNIP: "Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way", by The Calling]

[SNIP: "Unstoppable", by The Calling]

There's also a couple more that I like (but not as much as these), but I don't have enough space on my iDisk to post them (darn small complimentary .Mac accounts).

And with that, I'm out.

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