Ugh... so much work

Tuesday, 2003-12-09; 12:21:00

At least Dead Week is finally over!

[UPDATE 4: Oops, forgot that I took a few naps here and there. That definitely would take away from my sleep debt, wouldn't it? :) ]

[UPDATE 3: Finally finished! Grr, it's glad to have that quarter over.]

[UPDATE 2: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday events updated.]

[UPDATE: Monday/Tuesday events updated.]

Ugh. I think they give "dead week" that name not because you don't have any lectures or work, but that you have SO MUCH work and you have lectures to boot, so that you feel like you're going to die by the end of the week. So went my dead week:

Monday: usual 9 AM GES 80 lecture; usual 10 AM Math lecture; usual 11 AM GES 130 lecture; started looking for data for GES 130 Reconnaissance Report. Time asleep: 2 AM. Hours sleep: 9 (time and hours sleep based on usual bedtime, but are probably not accurate).

Tuesday: usual taxing 75 minute Italian lecture; finished as much as possible of previous week's GES 80 lab (except for thin section section); finished AMAP of Math 106 problem set (I couldn't finish one problem); found as much data as possible for GES 130 Reconnaissance Report. Time asleep: 1 AM. Hours sleep: 7.

Wednesday: usual 9 AM, 10 AM, and 11 AM lectures as on Monday (11 AM GES 130 lecture was 10 minutes shorter than usual on account of it consisting of only one student presentation); usual GES 80 lab, but was only 1.5 hours as opposed to 3; 30-minute Italian seminar session that turned into a two-hour karaoke session; started writing part of GES 130 Reconnaissance Report. Time asleep: 4 AM. Hours sleep: 7.

Thursday: usual 75 minute Italian lecture (even though it was supposed to be short because it was the last day and we were just answering questions, but the teacher decided to let a student do a lecture for 30 minutes which wasn't fair to us OR the student because it was the last day and nobody was too interested in staying); 2 hour review session for GES 80 lab final; finished GES 130 lab assignment; coordinated with mom for use of laptop for GES 130 Reconnaissance Report presentation; finished writing 6 pages of GES 130 Reconnaissance Report; coordinated the finish of GES 130 Reconnaissance Report with partner via e-mail, which included writing and/or tweaking appendices, reference list, table of contents, etc.; quickly made up GES 130 keynote presentation; printed out GES 130 Reconnaissance Report, found that some images weren't legible and some text was being cut off, fiddled around with printing until it was pointless. Time asleep: 5 AM. Hours sleep: 2.

Friday: Burning to CD of GES 130 keynote presentation in case of failure to acquire laptop; more fiddling of printing of GES 130 Reconnaissance Report to fix illegible images, but failed to fix text getting cut off (damned AppleWorks); usual 9 AM lecture; 15 minutes of 10 AM lecture; ran off to museum to acquire laptop from mom; get pain killers for splitting headache (see hours sleep for previous day); 15 minutes of setup for GES 130 presentation; usual GES 130 lecture where I presented results from data collection (which could have been better had I not ****ing procrastinated until the last week to actually look for stuff); quick return to dorm for lunch; quick 15 minutes of cramming for GES 80 lab final; 3 hour GES 80 lab final. Dinner at former dormmate's house in Escondido Village at 6, stayed until 11 and slept on and off while watching Family Guy, for obvious reasons (see hours sleep for previous day). Time asleep: 1 AM. Hours sleep: 11. Ahhh, sweet sleep.

This week:

Saturday: Worked a little on iChat Emotimaker, had some programming breakthroughs, went home for dinner, cat petting, and laundry service ;) . Stayed up late at night for no reason at all. Time asleep: 4 AM. Hours sleep: 10.

Sunday: 2 hour review session for GES 80. Yes, a second one, this one for the lecture final. Procrastinated rest of day. At 1 AM, inexplicably decided to stick in the first DVD of Escaflowne again (has been a few months since I last watched it), knowing full well that once I stuck it in, I would likely stay up to finish that DVD, and it would likely induce me to watch one or both of the other DVDs in the following days. Time asleep: 4 AM. Hours sleep: 8.

Monday: Did absolutely nothing productive. Resisted temptation to stick in second Escaflowne DVD. Succeeded in doing so. Wrote blog entry complaining about past two weeks. Time asleep: 1 AM. Hours sleep: 11.

Tuesday: Found out that I got a 74% on the GES 80 lab final, when the mean was 70%. Started and finished short answer questions for Italian lit take-home exam. Found out that 5-page response essay on topic of choice is actually due Friday. Rejoiced. Studied a bit for GES 80 lecture final the next morning. Didn't study enough. Got in bed at 1 AM, couldn't get to sleep for an hour. Time asleep: 2 AM. Hours sleep: 5.

Wednesday: Took a 3 hour GES 80 lecture final at 8:30 in the morning. Fun! Felt like I didn't do that well. Not good. Oh, well. Did some quick editing on my Italian Lit take-home final, and then turned it in. Watched 2nd DVD of Escaflowne. Did a bit of studying for Math 106 final, because final was likely going to be open book and open notes. Time asleep: 12 AM. Hours sleep: 7.

Thursday: Got up and did a bit more Math 106 studying. Took 2 hour Math 106 final at 8:30 in the morning, when I thought it was 3 hours. More groggy fun! Didn't do very well -- I got at least 40 out of 70 points, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get at least 20 of those last 30 points. Hopefully there will be a shallow enough curve. Took a short one and a half hour nap. Started and completed rough draft of Italian Lit 5-page essay. Studied for about an hour and a half for GES 130 final. Time asleep: 2 AM. Hours sleep: 6.5

Friday: 3 hour GES 130 final at 8:30 in the morning. Even more sleepy goodness! Finish final an hour early despite not knowing a bit of the material. Quickly edited and turned in Italian lit final. Rejoiced at finally finishing the quarter. Took a short one and a half hour nap. Packed up computer and other essential stuff for winter break and went home. Watched third and final DVD of Escaflowne. Time asleep: hopefully 3 AM. Hours sleep: 9.5.

Total change in sleep debt during 2 final weeks of quarter based on an 8.5 hour sleep need as found experimentally during Sleep and Dreams class: increased by 9.

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