Kill Bill

Friday, 2004-04-23; 01:33:00

What an awful movie

If you watched the movie Kill Bill and you got through the first 15 minutes without feeling sick to your stomach, then congratulations: you're desensitized to violence.

Seriously, the sheer amount of violence in those first few minutes is disturbing. I can stand movies with a fair amount of violence, but that's just going over the top -- the movie is almost entirely about violence. Who cares about the fucking martial arts; the movie is DISGUSTING, period. That's the first time a movie has ever made my stomach turn so much that I was close to vomiting.

I didn't realize that the average person was THAT tolerant of such violence. And I've heard mostly good comments about that movie! That scares me. I mean, to each their own, but if you like that movie, there's something wrong. And, no, I did not watch any longer than 15 minutes of that movie.

... and now I'm in a crappy mood again. Great.

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