More Tidbits: More PowerMac G5 Stuff, IE for Mac discontinued, Safari Bookmark Exporter, more

Tuesday, 2003-06-17; 03:41:00

Yet another tidbits entry about a bunch of Mac stuff, and some more personal and political stuff.

First thing's first: rumor-mongering about the hardware announcements that will supposedly come at WWDC this Monday (6 days left!). It's days like today when I feel like it's so fun to be a Mac user. I love just browsing through the whole post about a supposed photo, how the flying fur is not holding back, and how everybody and his pet cat are making comments about the photo. Everyone's offerring their export opinions (as opposed to their humble opinions), and things are almost on the verge of hysteria. Only Apple can get people like this. :) Ahhh... only 6 more days left! I wish there were more! :) This discussion is great, too, but you may need to be registered for the forums before being able to see it.

IMEO, the leaked photo (you're WELCOME for not making you peruse the forums whose servers are almost cracking under an unbearable load) is probably a fake. It seems weird that Apple would go back on allowing two optical drives to be installed, and it's also weird that one part of the picture is blurred -- why would the source do that if he's leaking the photo that he's not supposed to, anyway? I can't speak to actually examining the photo itself, but it just seems suspicious. I'm not ruling out this photo entirely as a fake, but that's where I'm leaning. Any photo experts care to comment?

Anyway, I'm just waiting for As the Apple Turns to post their analyzation of the photo -- they did so when the iWalk came out from SpyMac (lame site), so I'll bet you that they'll do the same thing for this one. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait 'til tomorrow, since they just posted their update today and it has no mention of the photos. :(


You may not have heard, but Microsoft has officially discontinued the development of IE for Mac. I just have to say one word: Wah.

I do have to commend the MacBU, however, for adding one spectacular new feature to IE 5.2.3, their supposed last update to IE for the Mac except for security/maintenance releases: the installer doesn't require you to quit all running applications before installing!


Since I just released version 1.0.2 of Safari Bookmark Exporter today (includes iCab and Opera support -- but who even uses either of those questionable-quality browsers?), I'm looking for a new project to start. Yes, I still have Memory Usage Getter, but that's getting a little long in the tooth for me, developer-wise. I want to start a new, fresh project. Anybody have any great ideas? I want something challenging, but not something that will take me a bunch of effort and lots of time to figure out how to do. I also want the program to be unique, just like SBE and MUG are -- they each are still the only product in their category that provides those features. I haven't done much freelance programming lately (since I recently finished my CS class), and I want to get back to doing some of that, because it was fun. So, please, leave some suggestions in the comments. :) If they're viable, maybe I can implement them.


Just so everyone knows, I've linked my personal blog to my company website, so there might be some random people browsing my blog, now -- don't be shy, feel free to comment! :)


Last, but not least, some short political commentary. This completely blows my mind. Spanking kids in school? Ignorant about the Watergate scandal (please tell me all of you know about this)? That Iraq USED weapons of mass destruction during our war with Iraq? Please forgive me, but how DUMB can the American public get? Sheesh, I didn't realize it was THIS bad.

This is partially why we need LOTS more funding for our education: education is the only solution to combatting ignorance.


And with that, I'm out.

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