Napalm and Silly Putty

Monday, 2004-03-29; 01:25:00

I can just picture Baby Kitty smashing into a glass door. Ahahahaha.

"If a dog knocks over a lamp, you can tell who did it by looking at the dog. He acts guilty and ashamed. Not the cat. When a cat breaks something, he simply moves along to the next activity. 'What's that? The lamp? Not me, fuck that. I'm a cat! Something broken, ask the dog.'

A cat can make any mistake appear intentional. You ever seen a cat race across a room and crash into a glass door? Doesn't phase him at all! Pshweee, bam! 'I meant that, I actually meant that. That's exactly what I was trying to do.' Then he limps behind the couch holding his head. 'Ohhh... jesus. Fuckin' meow. God damn fuckin' meow.'


Cats are very tactile. They love to rub against your leg. If you own a cat, and you have a leg, you got a happy cat. 'Oh boy, oh boy! I'm rubbing against his leg! How I love his leg.' If you have two legs, you got yourself a party. 'Oh boy, oh boy. Two legs! Now I can do the figure eight!'"

Ahahahahahahahahahaha, that's GREAT! Sooo funny... and so true, too. It's funnier if you actually hear it, though.

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