Monday, 2003-09-15; 09:58:00

I saw tihs iinrentestg litlte tibidt oevr at Sahodlst today. Bsiaalcly, it jsut says that wodrs are lbgelie as lnog as tiher frsit and lsat lrtetes are in thier crcreot piitoosn. The oehtr ltteers msut be in the mldide, but tehy can all be smablcerd (wchih just maens that the oedrr in wchih the middle lteetrs apaepr can be aythinng), and our mdins will still be able to eaisly tell ecaxlty what each wrod is seoppusd to be. H=====r, y=u m==t h==e t=e m====e l=====s in p===e, or l========y d===s o=f a c===f (Hveewor, you msut hvae the mdlide lretets in pcale, or legtiiliby drpos off a ciflf). ;)

I'd nveer tgouhht or csodeerind this breofe, but the tohery seems to pretty much hlod. Hlaf of the story is in this sracblemd lgnaugae taht I'm unisg for this bolg ernty, yet I colud petrty much slitl raed the text at my nrmaol speed. I gsues tihs gvies new fdoder for tshoe who tnhik taht three's no need for snllpeig. :) I woednr if anoyne's gnoig to wrtie a book that uess this sort of wirntig... wulod be itiseentrng, don't you tnhik? I wndoer how atcaul cpmoeenrhiosn of the seeentncs and prharpagas are acfetefd by this scbmlirnag.

Nsedlees to say, tihs is a samll but fnsatiaincg inghist itno how our mnids prosecs lnuagage. That gery mtetar up there srue is amaznig!

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