Short Tidbits: Finals, QuarkXPress

Tuesday, 2003-06-10; 01:43:00

Just a really short blog entry about the end of finals and the long-awaited shipping of QuarkXPress 6.0.

Finals: Done, done, and done. I actually got way above the mean on my physics exam! I got 130/200 (as I stated before), and the mean was 112. Woo! Maybe I'll get some sort of A in physics after all. :) :) The CS exam this morning wasn't too bad, but I didn't adequately finish one part of one problem -- I'm not worried, though, seeing as I did really well on the first 6 projects (with the last not yet returned). I also finished my Italian essay last night/this morning -- I took the time to type it up so that my professor won't have to wade through all my scribbles.

QuarkXPress: Finally. The frickin' company takes two years to update their flagship product and they wonder why everyone is getting so mad? I'm surprised more people haven't switched to InDesign yet. Of course, it never hurts to have some healthy competition. Funny thing is, QuarkXPress 6.0 will ONLY run in Mac OS X. Now hopefully those stupid publishers will finally get off their butts and upgrade to Mac OS X -- the faster the transition to OS X goes, the better.

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