The internet makes you stupid, but damn is it funny

Tuesday, 2005-12-06; 01:40:00

Exhibit A: Math is pwned!
Exhibit B: ATTN: all little girls
Exhibit C: Inspector Gadget Loves Milkshake! (thanks to Dan Dickinson)
Exhibit D: 404
Exhibit E: Assault on Mordor
Exhibit F: O RLY Owls
Exhibit G: You are
Exhibit H: The Almighty Twenty
Exhibit I: Uncomfort
Exhibit J: Apple Customers Not Clear On Economics, Personal Issues
Exhibit K: Boredom Wheel
Exhibit L: Indecent Proposal
Exhibit M: Always Remember, Never Forget!

... and this one is a little distasteful, but ...

Exhibit N: Sim City Katrina New Orleans

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