Tidbits: RIAA/Universal Music/Apple Commentary, Space Exploration, Safari Bookmark Exporter

Monday, 2003-04-14; 09:36:00

Here's an interesting take on the Apple/Universal Music thing... it pretty much sums up my thoughts on the RIAA, the music labels, the proposed buyout, and Apple. No commentary needed by me.

Ah, the Moon. Such a neglected planetesimal in these times of space exploration. As per this article, maybe we'll see new moon explorations -- I certainly wouldn't mind. In addition, this article claims that we may see a manned mission to Mars in 2014 or 2018. One of my personal dreams has always been to set foot on another planet(esimal). Maybe I'll be able to do that in my lifetime...

In other news, I'm also set to release a new free program (only for Mac OS X users, of course) called Safari Bookmark Exporter. If you've ever needed to export bookmarks from Safari to another browser, this program is for you! Also note that Safari public beta 2 is out. :)

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