Apple Bug Friday July Madness: Safari 3

Friday, 2007-07-20; 18:22:00

5 Safari usability bugs

So much for keeping up with Apple Bug Fridays. But here's another set of new bugs for the month of July, all regarding Safari 3.

CII: Safari 3 cannot scroll around in SVG images. I linked to a preview of an SVG image over at Linkable Supernova, and made a mention of this bug. Here's the large SVG image in question: note that you can't scroll around in it (and you won't be able to download it and view it in Preview, either, so you're pretty much out of luck. Not sure if Adobe's SVG viewer exhibits this problem or not, but apparently it's only a demo. You can option-drag around SVG files in Safari if you install Adobe's SVG viewer.) Filed: 5351732.

CIII: Safari 3 cannot reopen the last closed tab. There's a menu item for reopening all open windows and tabs from the last session, and there's also one for re-opening the last closed window, but there's not one for re-opening the last closed tab. And the Undo menu item and back buttons don't work. Filed: 5351772.

CIV: Safari 3 does not automatically update feed URLs when they redirect. For example, visit in Safari 3. Note that it correctly redirects to feed:// . However, if you visit feed:// , note that the location field still says "feed://", even though it is fetching the content from the updated feed at the FeedBurner URL. Confusing. (The reason for this may have to do with the problem that Jeff Johnson was talking about in the comments of Peter's entry on the new feed URL.) Filed: 5351793.

P.S. Peter: You still list the old feed URLs in alternate LINK tags in the HTML of your weblog page. This makes Safari 3 visit your old URLs when users press the "RSS" button in the location field.

CV: Safari 3 does not provide access to any arbitrary tab from the Window menu. You can only see the title and access the active tab in each open window. This is annoying, because it means you have to manually go through each and every tab in every window if you're searching for a specific tab, because you don't know which window the tab is in (due to the dumb Window menu). Filed: 5351847.

CVI: The Activity window in Safari 3 sometimes displays incorrect titles for the various web pages that are open. This happens frequently when you reopen all windows and tabs from the last session: a few of the pages will have their titles listed as "Untitled" in the Activity window even after they've all finished loading. Filed: 5351862.

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