Apple Bug Friday June Madness: XLV-XLIX

Friday, 2006-06-16; 00:28:00

XLV: My iPod loses its DRM authorization upon hard reset. This is particularly annoying because my iPod has a habit of crashing and requiring a hard reset, and then it doesn't play any of my iTMS-purchased music. A workaround is simply to connect it to any Mac (regardless of whether its the Mac to which the iPod is linked or not), and then eject it once its mounted on the Desktop or in iTunes. But it's quite an annoying bug since it requires you to be near a computer and have a FireWire/USB cord handy. This definitely applies to a 4G non-color iPod, but I don't know if it happens on other models. Filed: 4590712.

XLVI: The Front Row listing of TV shows are not shown in any particular order. If you can find the order in the following listing, you get a cookie:

The Apprentice
Prison Break
Saturday Night Live
The Colbert Report
Top Chef
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Commander in Chief
Project Runway
Ghost Hunters
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Access Hollywood
The Andy Milonakis Show
Battlestar Galactica
Blowin' Up

Note that I don't actually watch all of these TV shows on a regular basis -- it's just that most of these had a free episode at one point or another. The only TV shows I regularly watch are The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and Commander in Chief, although that hasn't been airing new episodes that often and is probably going to get axed. Filed: 4590715.

XLVII: Front Row listing of specific episodes of a TV show (when selecting all seasons) are sorted only be episode number, not by season number and THEN by episode number. For example, here's the names and metadata of a few episodes of The Colbert Report, listed in order as they appear in Front Row.

2006-04-17 - Reza Aslan [metadata: season 2, episode 48]
2006-04-18 - Anthony Romero [metadata: season 2, episode 49]
The Colbert Report 6/13/06 [metadata: no season number, episode 49]
2006-04-19 - Caitlin Flanigan [metadata: season 2, episode 50]
The Colbert Report 6/14/06 [metadata: no season number, episode 50]
2006-04-20 - Ralph Nader [metadata: season 2, episode 51]
The Colbert Report 6/15/06 [metadata: no season number, episode 51]
2006-04-24 - Hugh Hewitt [metadata: season 2, episode 52]

Front Row is sorting only by episode number, intertwining the episodes from Season 2 with episodes from an unknown season, which makes it annoying to find things. Filed: 4590717.

XLVIII: Daily Show and Colbert Report downloads are coming with episode numbers that correspond to how many episodes have been put up on iTunes, not the actual episode number within the current season. For example, the Colbert Report episode for 2006-06-15 has an episode number of 52 and no season number, when it should be episode 75 of season 2. Gah. I noted the complete lack of metadata with these episodes before, but that was preferable to incorrect metadata, especially in light of the previous bug. Filed: 4590720.

XLIX: You can no longer use the delete button in a sequence of key presses while selecting files to immediately invalidate any previous key presses. For example, if you are looking at the Applications folder, typing a-u-t-o-m-delete-i-t-u-n selects the Backup application for me (since it's alphabetically next after Automator). If I did the same thing in Mac OS 9, iTunes would correctly be selected. I previously talked about this here. One of the few things I miss about Mac OS 9, and I still have this habit ingrained in me, even though it's useless in the Finder. Filed: 4590722.

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