Apple Bug Friday Madness: iTunes 7

Tuesday, 2006-09-19; 22:10:00

13 new bugs regarding iTunes 7

It appears that I'm about 13 weeks behind with my Apple Bug Fridays. And what better way to celebrate the release of iTunes 7 with a full 13 bugs about it? :)

L: The main iTunes 7 window can be partially resized to be under the Dock if autohiding is not on. If you grab the upper part of the resize handle, and drag your mouse under the Dock, the portion of the window vertically below where you grabbed the resize handle will end up under the Dock. You can also resize the main window under the Dock by going around the sides. Contrast this with a well-behaved application like TextEdit, and you will clearly see the difference. Filed: 4740521.

LI: iTunes 7's (that sounds weird) album art fetching feature does not replace album art of lower resolution. This could be undesirable in some cases, but iTunes 7 should at least give you the option to do so, for those of us who have already filled much of their collection with artwork of smaller physical dimensions. Filed: 4740526.

LII: The album art automatically downloaded by iTunes 7 is not stored in the song file. This is undesirable if you want to move your music library to a new computer. Since it bloats the song files, this should also be offered as an option to those who prefer the current method of storing album art. Filed: 4740535.

LIII: If you get info on a video, edit the info in the "Video" tab, and then edit the info in the "Info" tab and press OK, only the changes from the Info tab will be saved. In contrast, if you reverse the order and change stuff in the Info tab first, and then in the Video tab, changes from both tabs will be saved. Filed: 4740536.

LIV: iTunes 7's selection color does not respect the selection color in the Appearance system preference pane. 'nuf said. Filed: 4740541.

LV: iTunes 7 does not respect hidden scrolling settings. Specifically, if you turn on the both-arrows-at-both-ends scrollbar style, iTunes still only displays both arrows at only one end. Filed: 4740542.

LVI: Cover Flow view in iTunes 7 completely ignores your system-wide scrolling settings, even the visible ones. Specifically, you can't get both scrollbars at one end -- you're constrained to have the left one at the left end and the right one at the right end. I was going to make some snarky remarks in the bug report about how Apple always seems to disrespect users' settings in x.0.0 products until Mac users make a big stink about it, but since I want it fixed I decided not to. (It's ridiculous, too -- Apple knows that Mac users are going to make a big stink about major interface changes, especially when they don't respect Appearance prefpane settings, so why not do it right from the start? Sigh.) Filed: 4740544.

LVII: This is one that really gets my goat. iTunes 7 still uses modal dialogs to display progress bars sometimes, even when it's not necessary!! A. R. G. H. It does it when you first launch iTunes to update your library, it does it on the first connection of your iPod after installing iTunes 7, it does it when changing the video tags, and it STILL DOES IT when iTunes Store streams need rebuffering. You can't do anything else in iTunes 7 when these modal progress dialogs are up. NEWS FLASH TO APPLE: it's the stinking 21st century. Please make your software aware of this fact. (I'm also not the only one who hates this.) Filed: 4740546.

LVIII: The "Remove authorization for Audible account" menu item is located in the wrong menu. Why is it under Advanced? It should be in the Store menu! Filed: 4740547.

LIX: iTunes 7's help lists incorrect keyboard shortcuts. In particular, it still says Command-1 shows the iTunes window and Command-2 shows the equalizer. Filed: 4740550.

LX: iTunes 7 only transfers purchased content through an iPod to other authorized computers. WHY? There's no reason for this artificial limitation, especially since there are many people who have libraries with MP3s ripped from legally-acquired CDs, and it would be nice to have this automatic transfer apply to these song files too. Grr. My prediction? This bug will be closed with the note, "Talk to the lame-ass record companies." Filed: 4740551.

LXI: The iPod summary page inaccurately says that an iPod is synching, even when connected to a computer to which the iPod's library is not linked. For example, I have my iPod's music library linked to my home Mac's library, but when I connect it to my Mac at work, it still says it is actively synching. This is ambiguous and confusing, because I'm still not sure whether I can link my iPod's photo library to two Macs at once. The iPod summary page should be clarified so that it tells you the name of the Mac to which it is connected. Filed: 4740552.

LXII: OK, now I'm just being pedantic to get 13 bugs filed just on iTunes 7. But this is still a bug: the "keyboard shortcut" for the Play menu item in the Controls menu is offset from the other shortcuts and is not flush right. It should be. Filed: 4740553.

(Hey, look, four consecutive bug numbers! Oh, and this last bug pushes me over to two bug pages in Apple's Bug Reporter, notwithstanding the ones that they removed from the "My Originated Problems" page. I've also updated the 10.4.7 Apple Bug Friday Review entry.)

Phew. Don't get me wrong, I do really like iTunes 7, but it would be nice if little problems like this were fixed. Oh, you also still can't batch change video tags. But I've already filed that bug. Until next time! :)

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