Apple Bug Friday October Madness

Saturday, 2006-10-21; 14:31:00

inability to bind documents to older applications; odd revealing behavior in Mail activity viewer; request for e-mail notifications of .mac comments; Front Row does not offer "No Season" subsection for TV shows; iPod 5G does not sleep immediately after being disconnected from a Mac

Well, it's been about month since my series of rants over iTunes 7, so it's time for another set of bugs to send to Apple. Yay! (And yes, I'm aware that I need to do an ABFR for 10.4.8.)

LXIII: If you have multiple versions of the same application installed on your computer, it's impossible to bind all documents of one type to the older application. For example, I have the full version of iWork '05 and the trial version of iWork '06 installed on my computer. But when I get info on a Keynote document, and attempt to force all Keynote documents to open in the older version, after clicking the "Change All..." button and confirming, the default binding reverts back to the newer version of the application.

I can bind individual documents to the older application, but I can't bind all documents to the older application at once. This is kind of a pain. (Filed: 4796705.)

LXIV: In Mail, if you reveal the Activity Viewer, put it in the background, and then select "Activity Viewer" from the Window menu again, the Activity Viewer hides itself instead of coming to the front. This is a bit confusing if you've put the Activity Viewer in the background and can't see it at all. Note that even though it appears like one, the Activity Viewer is not a utility window that stays on top of all other windows all the time. The Font Panel and Address Panel are examples of a utility window in Mail. (Filed: 4796709.)

LXV: The .mac commenting system does not offer the option to inform you of new comments by e-mail. 'nuf said. This is obviously a feature request, not a bug. (Filed: 4796711.)

LXVI: On a 5+G iPod, when you navigate to a TV show, there is a "No Season" subsection that allows you to browse through all episodes of that TV show that don't have any season metadata. Since the Daily Show and Colbert Report downloads don't come with season metadata, and I enter it myself in iTunes 7, this "No Season" subsection makes it easy to find new episodes. And because new downloads don't have season metadata, and older ones do since I put it in the metadata myself, I can quickly find new episodes on the iPod by going into the "No Season" section.

Front Row does not offer this. It only offers subsections for specific seasons, or for browsing all episodes of that TV show. That means I have to browse through all the older episodes in order to find the newest ones. In contrast, the iPod does not offer an "All" subsection -- so if you don't know under what season an episode falls, then it will be tough to find the episode on the iPod. But that's a separate bug. :) (Filed: 4796712.)

LXVII: This is a weird problem that I've experienced with my 5G iPod from the beginning -- immediately after ejecting the iPod from my iMac, the iPod refuses to go to sleep. I can select "Sleep" from the main menu and it will just sit there with the display still on (but the controls seemingly deactivated). I can "wake" it from this sleep-with-display-still-being-shown mode by pressing the menu button, and then the iPod functions normally. Also, the shortcut for sleep (holding down the Play/Pause button for 5 seconds) doesn't work immediately after disconnecting my iPod from my Mac.

If I wait for a minute or so or let the iPod go to sleep on its own, then subsequent sleeps will work normally. But not for the first minute or so after being disconnected from my Mac.

Oh, and I've also re-filed two iTunes 7 bugs that are still... bugging me. (Zing!) When I received a note saying that my Cover Flow bug is actually behaving as intended, I posted a follow-up to the bug report, and the state was changed back to "Open" from "Behaves Correctly". So I'll let that one slide for now.

For posterity, here are the new new bug numbers for those ABFs. LIV: 4796715. LV: 4796717.

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