Apple Bug Friday Review III: Mac OS X 10.4.5

Friday, 2006-02-17; 00:30:00

Mac OS X 10.4.5 was about a 7 MB update for me, so I doubt it's going to fix many of the bugs that I've reported. Still, one can hope, right? Below is the table you all have come to know and love. Note that I've added a new column that tells when I first reported the bug.

ABF No.Official Bug No.Short DescriptionStatus in Mac OS X 10.4.5State in Bug Reporter systemFirst Reported
 - 4145625CD/DVD burning creates coaster when other intensive tasks are running fixed (haven't had any troubles since that one time) closed 10.4.1
 - 4145629Command-Tab switcher does not honor keyboard layout not fixed closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.1
 - 4145635Disk usage and number of enclosed items should be stored as metadata so that accessing this information is immediate in Get Info windows not fixed closed (removed from "My Originated Problems" page) 10.4.1?
 - 4215588Hard drive usage statistics on desktop don't automatically update even though the statistics in Finder windows do not fixed closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.2
I4223711Keyboard layout switching inconsistent not fixed still open 10.4.2
II4234753Text fields don't always update not fixed closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.2
IV4252818Up/down arrows don't work in Spotlight menu not fixed closed 10.4.2
V4262172Corrupted frame between cursor appearance changes appears not fixed (hard to tell on faster machines) closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.2
VI4270684Dashboard temporarily freezes interface on invocation appears not fixed (this is another one I'm not going to call unless I'm sure it's fixed) closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.2
VII4293074Many items on desktop causes high CPU usage appears fixed (this would probably be more apparent on an older machine like my mom's iBook G3 where I saw the problem was very prevalent in Panther) still open 10.4.2
VIII4293075dragging items to blank CD/DVD creates incorrect aliases fixed (I've burned a few DVDs after 10.4.2 and I haven't had a problem since) closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.2
X4300880Finder incorrectly reports state of copying when uploading to iDisk ha! closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.2
XI4311999Customizing date and time format oddities partially fixed -- customization of different lengths works as expected, but customization of medium-length time format still resets Date and Time control panel settings, and the interface for changing formats isn't improved closed, marked as duplicate (original bug ID: 4084483) 10.4.2
XII4322243white lines through feeds in Safari not fixed, sigh closed marked as duplicate (original bug ID: 3633944) 10.4.2
XIII4364497excessive grid spacing on Desktop for 10 point font size, introduced in 10.4.3 not fixed, sigh, oh well, I've gotten used to 11 point font closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.3
XIV4364498iTunes does not allow some info/options to be changed en-masse, no "TV Show" option for Video Kind partially fixed: there is now a "TV Show" option for video kind in iTunes 6.0.2, but it still hasn't addressed the problem of not being able to batch change some info/options -- I needed this today, but thankfully AppleScript helped still open 10.4.3
XV4364501can't set "Video Kind" property via AppleScript appears not fixed after browsing the iTunes 6.0.3 AppleScript dicitionary still open 10.4.3
XVI4364505performance problems when playing videos in iTunes hahaha right closed, marked as duplicate (original bug ID: 4299155) 10.4.3
XVII4364506weird horizontal scrolling problem in QuickTime Player c'mon Apple, this one CAN'T be that hard to fix! closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.3
XVIII4364508Front Row can't navigate some DVDs not fixed still open 10.4.3
XIX4364509Front Row doesn't display additional media info not fixed still open 10.4.3
XX4394570scrubbing doesn't work when iTunes is in mini-mode grr, definitely not fixed closed, marked as duplicate (original bug ID: 4284706) 10.4.3
XXI4394575iTunes mini-mode window spontaneously changes to "iPod Synchronization Complete" too early to tell still open 10.4.3
XXII4394583NSTableColumns don't trigger autosave positions of the NSTableView to update when they are added to the NSTableView too early to tell closed, even though I didn't submit a sample project -- I should probably resubmit this 10.4.3
XXIII4394612telling Front Row to activate via an AppleScript causes problems not fixed still open 10.4.3
XXIV4440707Finder/iTunes spontaneously unmounts iPod not fixed still open 10.4.4
XXV4440711NSWorkspace does not select revealed items in Finder not fixed still open 10.4.4
XXVI4440715Safari is really slow with animated gifs appears not fixed still open 10.4.4
XXVII4440737burn folders don't always show used capacity not fixed closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.4
XXVIII4440740toggling visibility of toolbar sometimes has unexpected behavior not fixed still open 10.4.4
XXIX4440751iDisk sidebar item doesn't always allow dragging-and-dropping not fixed closed, marked as duplicate 10.4.4

These tables are going to get extraordinarily long pretty fast if Apple doesn't do something. :P New Apple Bug Friday tomorrow, hopefully. I have a few that I might do all at once, since they're all related.

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