Apple Bug Friday Review: Mac OS X 10.4.10

Thursday, 2007-07-26; 23:50:00

Well, Mac OS X 10.4.10 has been out for over a month, now. So here's the status of all outstanding bugs I've filed (except for the 5 from last week). Some of the bugs have been marked as "too early to tell", either because the bugs are so sporadic that it's hard to tell whether they're fixed or not, or I currently do not have the correct setup to reproduce the bug.

iTunes continues to be the one application in which Apple fixes the most bugs. Of the six definitively fixed bugs this time around, all six had to do with iTunes. So while some frustrating bugs still remain (like the silly one where the main iTunes window can be partially resized under the Dock), I'm pretty happy with how iTunes works and the pace with which bugs are fixed. Could be better, but it could be a lot worse (like the Finder). Overall, Apple's record with fixing my bugs is 21%. It is left as an exercise to the reader to determine whether this is good performance or bad.

This time, I've also decided to update each and every bug that's not fixed in Apple's Bug Reporter system with a note as such (with the exception of the reports that I no longer have access to, which sometimes happens when Apple Engineering updates the bug). I've noticed that even when a report is closed, Apple Engineering seems to be responsive with updates to existing reports. Hopefully this'll spur some action on some of these bugs to make sure they're fixed in 10.4.11 or Leopard.

Total bugs reviewed: 104;     Total bugs fixed: 22;     New bugs since last review: 34;
ABF No.Official Bug No.Short DescriptionStatus in Mac OS X 10.4.10State in Bug Reporter systemFirst Reported
 - 4145629Command-Tab switcher does not honor keyboard layout not fixed duplicate/2758517 10.4.1
 - 4145635Disk usage and number of enclosed items should be stored as metadata so that accessing this information is immediate in Get Info windows not fixed closed 10.4.1
 - 4215588Hard drive usage statistics on desktop don't automatically update even though the statistics in Finder windows do not fixed duplicate/4106059 10.4.2
I4223711Keyboard layout switching inconsistent not fixed still open 10.4.2
II4234753Text fields don't always update too early to tell duplicate/4020186 10.4.2
IV4252818Up/down arrows don't work in Spotlight menu not fixed closed 10.4.2
V4262172Corrupted frame between cursor appearance changes too early to tell duplicate/4115535 10.4.2
VI4270684Dashboard temporarily freezes interface on invocation not fixed duplicate/4061527 10.4.2
X4300880Finder incorrectly reports state of copying when uploading to iDisk not fixed duplicate/3721254 10.4.2
XI4311999Customizing date and time format oddities partially fixed duplicate/4084483 10.4.2
XII4322243white lines through feeds in Safari could this be fixed in Safari 3? duplicate/3633944 10.4.2
XIII4364497excessive grid spacing on Desktop for 10 point font size, introduced in 10.4.3 not fixed duplicate/4136412 10.4.3
XIV4364498iTunes does not allow some info/options to be changed en-masse, no "TV Show" option for Video Kind partially fixed duplicate/4272798 10.4.3
XIX4364509Front Row doesn't display additional media info not fixed still open 10.4.3
XXI4394575iTunes mini-mode window spontaneously changes to "iPod Synchronization Complete" too early to tell still open 10.4.3
XXII4394583NSTableColumns don't trigger autosave positions of the NSTableView to update when they are added to the NSTableView too early to tell closed 10.4.3
XXIV4440707Finder/iTunes spontaneously unmounts iPod too early to tell still open 10.4.4
XXV4440711NSWorkspace does not select revealed items in Finder not fixed duplicate/4021396 10.4.4
XXVI4440715Safari is really slow with animated gifs still no cure for the YTMND blues still open 10.4.4
XXVII4440737burn folders don't always show used capacity not fixed duplicate/4377863 10.4.4
XXVIII4440740toggling visibility of toolbar sometimes has unexpected behavior not fixed still open 10.4.4
XXIX4440751iDisk sidebar item doesn't always allow dragging-and-dropping not fixed duplicate/3430977 10.4.4
XXX4450249Reset sync on one Mac does not trigger a reset sync on another perhaps fixed closed 10.4.5
XXXIII4480800System Preferences hangs when getting list of registered synching computers perhaps fixed closed 10.4.5
XXXV4494729Daily Show and Colbert Report metadata are inadequate partially fixed closed 10.4.5
XXXVI4494733Links can be spoofed even when the text appears to show the actual link not fixed duplicate/3465017 10.4.5
XXXVIII4499374Smart folders reset their scroll position when new results come in not fixed duplicate/4131564 10.4.5
XXXIX4547901.mac serves up 0 KB blank file not fixed still open 10.4.6
XL4547912Preview doesn't respect resolution requirements in PS images not fixed still open 10.4.6
XLI4547917Finder disk space info gets truncated not fixed duplicate/4067164 10.4.6
XLII4547941Tooltips disappear after a while not fixed duplicate/3237930 10.4.6
XLIII4547944Toolbar text labels sometimes appear un-antialiased not fixed still open 10.4.6
XLIV4547948iChat doesn't display destination URL in tooltips not fixed duplicate/3843646 10.4.6
XLV45907124G iPod loses authorization upon hard reset likely not fixed still open 10.4.6
XLVI4590715TV shows displayed in no particular order in Front Row not fixed still open 10.4.6
XLVII4590717TV shows with no season interspersed with episodes of other seasons not fixed still open 10.4.6
XLVIII4590720Daily Show/Colbert Report episodes coming with bad episode numbers not fixed still open 10.4.6
XLIX4590722Typeselect doesn't work with the delete key in the Finder not fixed still open 10.4.6
L4740521 and 4747296 iTunes 7 main window can be partially resized under non-autohiding Dock not fixed both still open 10.4.7
LI4740526 and 4747297 iTunes 7 album art fetching does not replace existing art of lower resolution not fixed open and closed, respectively 10.4.7
LII4740535 and 4747299 iTunes 7 album art fetching does not store art within song file not fixed closed and closed, respectively 10.4.7
LIV4740541 and 4747302 and 4796715 iTunes 7 source list selection color does not respect Appearance prefpane settings not fixed behaves correctly, closed, and open, respectively 10.4.7
LV4740542 and 4747303 and 4796717 iTunes 7 does not respect hidden scrollbar settings not fixed closed, closed, and open, respectively 10.4.7
LVI4740544Cover Flow in iTunes 7 ignores non-hidden scrollbar settings not fixed closed 10.4.7
LVII4740546 and 4747305 iTunes 7 still uses modal dialogs not fixed behaves correctly and closed, respectively 10.4.7
LVIII4740547 and 4747306 "Remove authorization for Audible account" should be located in the Store menu in iTunes 7 not fixed behaves correctly and closed, respectively 10.4.7
LX4740551 and 4747307 iTunes 7 transfers only purchased content to satellite computers not fixed closed and closed, respectively 10.4.7
LXI4740552iPod summary page says iPod is synched to a computer when it actually is connected to a different computer fixed still open 10.4.7
LXII4740553keyboard shortcut for Play menu item in Controls menu of iTunes 7 is not flush right not fixed duplicate/3227357 10.4.7
LXIII4796705cannot bind all documents to older version of an app not fixed duplicate/4125820 10.4.8
LXIV4796709requesting Mail's Activity Viewer to come to the front simply makes it disappear if it's in the background not fixed duplicate/3814607 10.4.8
LXV4796711.mac commenting doesn't e-mail you when a new comment is posted not fixed *sniff* duplicate/4448408 10.4.8
LXVI4796712Front Row does not offer "No Season" subsection for TV shows as 5G iPods do not fixed duplicate/5024933 10.4.8
LXVII47967135G iPods refuse to go to sleep immediately after being disconnected from a Mac not fixed still open 10.4.8
LXVIII5086913F14/F15 brightness keys cannot be modified not fixed still open 10.4.9
LXIX5086919Re-sorting by new-ness marks all unread articles as read perhaps fixed still open 10.4.9
LXX5086929Cannot watch TV shows in process of downloading fixed duplicate/4786479 10.4.9
LXXI5086939Cannot start watching videos in shared iTunes library at arbitrary point not fixed behaves correctly 10.4.9
LXXII5086947AppleSpell process spontaneously starts taking up 100% of the CPU not fixed still open 10.4.9
LXXIII5086978Remote Desktop observation window's size gets reset when connection is lost and restored not fixed still open 10.4.9
LXXIV5086993At first launch, Remote Desktop lists all computers as offline likely not fixed still open 10.4.9
LXXV5087002Regular and small size spinning NSProgressIndicators differen in appearance not fixed still open 10.4.9
LXXVI5087016iTunes stalls any AppleScript calls when info window is open not fixed duplicate/3180284 10.4.9
LXXVII5087019Button in iTunes' deauthorization dialog titled "OK", not "Deauthorize" fixed closed 10.4.9
LXXVIII5090637custom Software Update URL must have trailing slash too early to tell duplicate/4059544 10.4.9
LXXIX5090647AppleScript persistent IDs for user playlists in iTunes are not unique fixed duplicate/4455044 10.4.9
XXC5090655Must use "container of" syntax to get user playlist of source of a track not fixed still open 10.4.9
XXCI5090694cannot get file track id, user playlist id, or source id through AppleScript fixed closed 10.4.9
XXCII5090710no way to get all playlists that contain a given song not fixed, as far as I can tell still open 10.4.9
XXCIII5090728blank optical discs sorted as regular folders, not as a device not fixed still open 10.4.9
XXCIV5090745info window takes many seconds to appear if selected item is off-screen at bottom of long list not fixed still open 10.4.9
XXCV5090752no "All" option for TV shows on 5G iPods not fixed still open 10.4.9
XXCVI5090758no "Video Playlists" subsection in Front Row not fixed duplicate/4517544 10.4.9
XXCVII5090761File/disk in use dialogs don't specify which application is using the file/disk not fixed duplicate/2516398 10.4.9
XXCVIII5090794Preview save panel always defaults to Documents folder when saving completely new documents not fixed still open 10.4.9
XXCIX5090803Preview defaults to "PNG" format rather than last saved format not fixed behaves correctly 10.4.9
XC5150870Finder's "Go to Folder" sheet autocompletes paths when there are two possible completions not fixed duplicate/2492044 10.4.9
XCI5150924IR remote button presses don't go through screen saver authentication panel not fixed still open 10.4.9
XCII5150937iTunes' script menu icon is cut off at the top not fixed still open 10.4.9
XCIII5150938Preview information panel does not update file size after saving not fixed still open 10.4.9
XCIV5200119Remote Desktop cannot control client at login window with Remote Desktop open under some user likely not fixed still open 10.4.9
XCV5200133icons can still be auto-sorted under the Dock not fixed duplicate/2941011 10.4.9
XCVI5200149iTunes crashes when trying to automatically play next TV show in shared library too early to tell closed 10.4.9
XCVII5230730icon size slider in Finder's View Options window does not darken when clicked not fixed still open 10.4.9
XCVIII5230749open/save dialogs do not offer eject button for connected servers not fixed closed 10.4.9
XCIX5244888iTunes does not transfer purchased iTunes Plus tracks to satellite computers fixed closed 10.4.9
C5260197Workgroup Manager grays out "Propogate Permissions..." for root-owned folders not fixed still open 10.4.9
CI5274073Safari 3 has trouble when mass-changing protocol handlers for feeds from "http" to "feed" not fixed still open 10.4.9

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