Apple Bug Friday Stampede II

Friday, 2006-02-10; 01:28:00


So, since I seem to lack the motivation to do an Apple Bug Friday every Friday, maybe I'll change to a Apple Bug Friday Stampede once a month schedule. Well, at least that would make it seem like I do these things on time. :P

Bug Stapmede

One thing I want to mention before I begin with the six bugs here, though. I've updated my Apple Bug Friday Review II entry. There were about four bugs that I marked as "appears fixed", but now I've definitely confirmed that they're not fixed. In the future, I'll try to use strikethrough to show the changes, but that's not really that big of a deal. (I will, however, never alter the state in the bug reporter system, because that's supposed to indicate the state of the bug at the time the new release of Mac OS X came out.) However, it does mean that Mac OS X 10.4.4 has fixed a significantly less portion of the bugs that I thought it had.

Anyway, here goes.

XXIV: The Finder/iTunes likes to spontaneously unmount my iPod for some reason. It has nothing to do with the computer going to sleep, because I've set my computer to not go to sleep. It doesn't have to do with the display going to sleep, either, because I just tested it and it doesn't cause the problem. I don't know if it's related to later versions of iTunes or the Finder, but I think this has started since somewhere iTunes 5 or Mac OS X 10.4.2. It's annoying, though, because iTunes stops synching my iPod (obviously), but the iPod says it's still connected to the computer.

If I go to Disk Utility, it sees that my iPod is connected, but it's unmounted. If I mount it, the iPod appears on the desktop again, like normal -- at least until next time this bug happens. Filed: 4440707.

XXV: When developing applications, using NSWorkspace's selectFile:inFileViewerRootedAtPath: method doesn't always select the item in the Finder. It opens a new Finder window showing the containing folder, but it doesn't necessarily select the actual item. If you call this method twice in a row and the first time doesn't actually select the item, the second call will do so. Annoying. This happens in both my applications and Apple applications that reveal items in the Finder (try it with Xcode, you'll see what I mean some of the time). Filed: 4440711.

XXVI: Safari is really slow with animated gifs. REALLY slow. The bug is exacerbated if the gif is tiled on the background. ;) If the gif loops, though, the animated gif will be displayed at "full speed" after completing one loop. Much of YTMND is an example for this bug. Filed: 4440715. (I used this YTMND to illustrate the problem, even though it's not necessarily the best one -- I tried to find one that was non-offensive and demonstrated the poor performance as well. This also seemed particularly appropriate given that it's a take-off on the famous 1984 Apple ad.)


XXVII: Burn folders created from inserting blank optical media don't always show the amount of capacity used at the bottom of the window. You have to add or delete an item before it's forced to display. Filed: 4440737.

XXVIII: When you click the pill button in the upper-right corner of any Finder window to change it from a brushed metal window to an Aqua window or back, the size of the main content (the icon/list/column view) doesn't change, as is expected. That is, the size of the window actually changes to accomodate the extra width and height of the brushed metal borders and sidebar -- this ensures that the main content has the same size. However, this isn't true for downloaded disk images. For those disk images that start out originally as Aqua windows, clicking the pill button keeps the window size the same, not the main content size as would be expected. (On a related note, the pill should NOT change position when you click it. However, it currently moves by a few pixels, which means it's possible that your cursor would move off the pill button after the toggle.) Filed: 4440740.

XXIX: The iDisk item in the sidebar doesn't always function as expected as a drop zone. Typically, you would think that you would be able to drag an item to the iDisk item in the sidebar, wait a second or two for it to spring-load and display its contents in the main view of the Finder window. However, if you haven't specifically clicked on the iDisk sidebar item at least once since you first mounted your iDisk, the iDisk sidebar item will not allow you to drag anything to it. It will just display the white prohibited symbol instead of the green plus symbol.

Here are the specific steps to reproduce, since this is a bit confusing:

1. Disconnect from your iDisk if it's connected. Do this by dragging it to the trash. (The iDisk sidebar item doesn't have an eject button, which is a bug for another time.)

2. Mount it by pressing Command-Shift-I in the Finder. A new Finder window will open with the iDisk selected in the sidebar. That's OK.

3. Close the window that was just created.

4. Create a new Finder window.

5. Try and drag something to the iDisk item in the sidebar. Note that that the white prohibited symbol appears even though your iDisk is mounted and you should be able to use spring-loaded folders to drill down to where you want to copy.

6. Specifically click on the iDisk item in the sidebar.

7. Close this Finder window.

8. Create another new Finder window.

9. Initiate another drag to the iDisk sidebar item. Now note that it's an acceptable drop zone, with the green plus symbol appearing. You're also now able to use spring-loaded folders to drill down into the subfolders of your iDisk.

Although this seems obscure, I actually run into it quite a lot since I don't typically ever specifically click on the iDisk sidebar item. I either use Exposé to reveal the desktop and then drag my item onto the iDisk icon that way (which works fine), or I drag it to the iDisk icon in the sidebar if an existing Finder window is already open. But I almost never specifically click on the iDisk sidebar item, which makes me run into the problem fairly frequently. Filed: 4440751.

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