Apple Bug Friday XCIV-XCVI

Monday, 2007-05-14; 00:30:00

issues when controlling other Macs with Remote Desktop open, icons sorting under the Dock, iTunes crashing when trying to play next shared TV show

Only three bugs this week, 'cause I'm only three weeks behind. :) Actually, this is the first time in over a year that I've covered less than four bugs at once. :)

XCIV: Say you have Apple Remote Desktop 3.1 installed on a Mac (not the client software, an old version of which is installed on all Macs by default, but the admin software). Say you've allowed control of this computer by other Remote Desktop administrators by granting the requisite privileges in the Sharing pane of System Preferences. Say also that in the Security tab of the Remote Desktop preferences, you've checked the "Allow control of this computer when this application is running" box. Now suppose that launch the Remote Desktop application under one user, and then you fast user switch to the login window.

In this state, attempting to control this Mac by another Mac with the ARD 3.1 admin software installed will fail: Remote Desktop will open an invisible window while attempting to do so, but you will never actually be able to. (I say "invisible window" because the current window you have open will most obviously lose its key status which you can tell by the stoplight window buttons turning gray, and a window with the name of the Mac you are attempting to control will appear in the Window menu. But you'll never find this window on your screen.)

The obvious workaround is to always remember to quit the Remote Desktop application before switching to the login window. You can also attempt to take control of the computer by allowing VNC access and using a third party client like Chicken of the VNC. (Filed: 5200119.)

XCV: This is an old one and is almost certainly going to be marked as a duplicate, but this has been annoying me recently, so I filed it anyways: when your Dock is always showing on your screen (i.e.: doesn't have autohiding turned on), icons on the Desktop can still get partially or completely obscured behind it when auto-arranging is turned on. The only way to be able to grab these icons is to turn on Dock autohiding.

It's amazing that after 6 years of Mac OS X, an obvious bug like this still hasn't been resolved. Oh well. (Filed: 5200133.)

XCVI: Sometimes, when playing TV shows via an iTunes shared library and iTunes reaches the end of one TV show, it will crash while trying to automatically switch to the next TV show. (Filed: 5200149.)

In other news, I mentioned in a comment that ABF XXCVII got marked as a duplicate of a really old bug, #2516398 in Apple's Bug Reporter. Well, I have a new record: ABF XC from last time got marked as a duplicate of an even older bug: #2492044. Anybody who can get a bigger difference between filed bug number and duplicate number gets a cookie. (With ABF XC, my record is 5150870 - 2492044, or 2658826.)

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