Apple Bug Friday XCVII/XCVIII

Friday, 2007-05-25; 23:02:00

Woo! These two bug reports were filed on Friday, and I managed to post about them on Friday too. That's what, maybe a first? :)

XCVII: In the View Options window in the Finder, the "Icon size" slider's handle does not darken when you click and hold on it. I only realized this because I was changing my desktop's icon size a few weeks ago, and the slider was lagging because I have a lot of junk on my desktop. So I let go of it for a bit and then tried to grab it again, waiting for it to darken indicating that it was waiting for me. But that never happens. Filed: 5230730.

XCVIII: In the sidebar of the Finder, external hard drives, optical discs, and connected servers all have eject buttons next to their name. In standard open/save dialogs, however, only external hard drives and optical discs do. For some reason, connected servers do not have eject buttons in open/save dialogs. Can anyone think of a logical reason for this? Filed: 5230749.

BTW, WWDC '07 is in a few weeks. I really hope that Apple shows off more of Leopard and its "top secret" features. Maybe they'll show off a "brand new Finder" just like they did for Panther. :rolleyes:

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