RAB Friday III: Finder Get Info Windows don't Display Accurate Owner/Group

Friday, 2005-09-02; 17:58:00

Another Friday, another bug!

Heh heh heh, oh man! Since drunkenbatman is ranting on the Finder, and also produced a hilarious pic of two random girls wincing (presumably at the Finder, but I sincerely doubt that ;) ), I think I'll heap another bug on top of the already huge pile of bugs in the Finder.

My beef is with the Get Info windows in the Finder. This is a Tiger-specific bug, but basically what happens is that when you change owner/group on a file and get info on it (even when you change permissions THROUGH the get info window), the owner/group don't update and revert back to what they were previously. However, if you use the Terminal to look at the owner/group, they clearly ARE updated, which means the Finder is, as usual, going wonky.

The radar bug number is #4243833 , and I classified it as a security bug, since it is. It could cause someone to think that the owner/group is set in a certain way, when in fact it is not -- allowing someone else to potentially access the file when they shouldn't have been able to.

(Just to note, I checked whether this behavior applies to permissions, and in fact, it does NOT. Permissions are correctly updated in Tiger's Get Info windows. I guess that's somewhat comforting. Others have noticed this bug, so it's probably going to be filed as a duplicate soon.)

Here's an update on last week's RAB Friday, too: it's been closed as a duplicate. HURRY UP AND FIX IT APPLE. That one is annoying as hell.

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