Super-Duper Apple Bug Friday

Friday, 2007-11-02; 01:42:00

Lots of Leopard bugs!

So, because Leopard is in its initial version, I figure it's the best time to get any pet bugs fixed. So I'm filing a bunch that I've found so far, weekly ABFs be damned!

CXXII: iChat 4.0 sounds being generated from one user can be heard by other users that are simultaneously logged in. Filed: 5575692.

CXXIII: Attempting to halt the Finder from generating a preview for a movie file (by deselecting the item in column view) can cause the Finder to beachball, especially if the movie file is one which QuickTime only understands through a third-party plugin. Filed: 5575701.

CXXIV: After selecting a movie file on burned optical media in column view (so that the Finder attempts to show a preview), and then deselecting it, sometimes the Finder continues to try to generate a preview for that file even though it's deselected and the preview doesn't apply anymore. This is very evident because the optical drive continues to make lots of noises as if something were being read from the media. Attempting to play the movie file itself in another app (like VLC) will cause playback to be choppy and completely unacceptable. Quitting the Finder rectifies this situation. Filed: 5575717.

CXXV: Folders in the new Finder path bar are not spring-loaded. Filed: 5575736.

CXXVI: Dock stacks should be navigable via hierarchical menus, like folders were in Tiger. This a brain-dead simple compromise: if you simply click on a stack in the Dock, it opens with the nifty stack animation and behavior as it does now. If you click-and-hold on the stack, you'll get the Dock menu with the stack view options at the bottom, but you'll also get the previous hierarchical menus located above the stack options. Please, Apple? :) Filed: 5575738.

CXXVII: For some reason, Dock menus for stacks have two redundant menu items. There's one named "Open [stack name]", and one named "Reveal in Finder", and both do the exact same thing: reveal the contents of the stack in a new Finder window. Filed: 5575747.

CXXVIII: Stacks in the Dock should have a third view option, "Window", in addition to "Fan" and "Grid", so that you can access the contents of a stack via a Finder window in a single click like you could in Tiger. Filed: 5575753.

CXXIX: Stacks should support arbitrary collections of items. That is, a stack need not necessarily represent a single folder. You should be able to drop five items at once into the right side of the Dock, and a stack will be created out of them. This stack will work identically to stacks that do represent a folder, except that you wouldn't be able to reveal the stack itself in the Finder, only the individual items. (I believe this feature is how Apple initially described stacks when first revealing the feature at WWDC 2007.) Filed: 5575756.

CXXX: The Dock should support application stacks that live on the left side of the Dock. A drag of multiple applications to the left side should create an application stack. If any of the items in the drag are not applications, a stack should simply be created on the right side of the Dock separator. This requires the Dock to support the creation of stacks from arbitrary collections of objects, as in ABF CXXIX. Filed: 5575761.

CXXXI: The final version of Safari 3 in Leopard seems to sometimes display inaccurate unread counts for individual feeds. However, if you have folders containing those feeds, the unread count of the folder accurately represents the number of unread articles in all contained feeds, including the feeds that have inaccurate individual unread counts. This issue only exists in Leopard: never noticed a problem in Tiger. Filed: 5575766.

CXXXII: You can excessively horizontally scroll the text in the Spotlight field in the Finder's toolbar. The entered text disappears completely off to the left if you continue to horizontally scroll to the right, and it takes an equal number of scrolls back to the left to get the text to appear again. (You can, of course, deselect the text view and reselect it, and the text reappears instantly.) Filed: 5575778.

CXXXIII: iChat 4.0 takes a ridiculously long time to open some chat history files, literally taking minutes to open them, hanging iChat all the while. iChat 3.1.8 in Tiger handles them perfectly fine, opening them in just a few seconds. Filed: 5575783.

CXXXIV: Some system icons are hijacked by Classic application icons, even after resetting the LaunchServices database. Filed: 5575799.

CXXXV: The contrast between the glass floor and the "currently running" lights of the 3D Dock should be increased so that it's easier to see those lights. In particular, the darkness of the glass floor should be increased. To quote:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Try to figure out which applications are currently running by looking at the Dock out of the corner of your eye. Note that you fail.

(An example of such a change in contrast is provided at the Inside Mac Games forums.) Filed: 5575803.

Well, that's enough for today. If 10.5.1 isn't out by next Friday (which it probably won't be), I'll file another big set of bugs. I wanted to get the bugs/suggestions in about stacks, though, because they're useful and I like the concept, but they could be modified to be so much better.

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