Three Quick Issues with Stationery Pads

Sunday, 2007-10-07; 23:13:00

CXVI: Files which are bundles (like Keynote or Pages files, or .rtfd files created from TextEdit when you insert pictures into the document) refuse to become stationery pads. The check box in the Get Info window immediately clears itself when you try to check it. Filed: 5527336.

CXVII: This isn't really a bug, but a request to get the feature up to par with Mac OS 9. IIRC, Mac OS 9 opened a copy of the stationery pad as an untitled file, which would require you to choose a name and a location when you went to save it. In Mac OS X, instead, a copy of the stationery pad is made in the Finder, with "copy" appended to the pad's name, and then opens it. As such, when you go to save the file, it doesn't prompt you with the standard Save panel, so you may be confused as to where the file lives if you just closed it. Filed: 5527354.

CXVIII: Oh, and an extra one just for fun. (Hooray for being ahead of schedule on ABFs!) Stationery pads have no visual indicator of being as such under Mac OS X. They did under Mac OS 9, but perhaps their way of modifying the icon (to add another icon on top of the existing icon, slightly offset, with part of the icon upturned like a page) is unsatisfactory for Mac OS X. No matter, a small badge like the alias badge on Mac OS X would suffice -- perhaps a small, yellow notebook, or the green plus sign to indicate that a copy will be made when you open it? Filed: 5527362.

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