Display Eater Also Enjoys Eating Your Home Directory

Thursday, 2007-02-22; 00:48:00

We interrupt this regularly scheduled weblog hiatus to bring you this important message:

If you are looking for a screen capture program, do NOT under any circumstances try Display Eater.

Turns out, if Display Eater thinks that you're using a pirated serial number, it will delete your entire home folder. I'm not kidding: the developer himself has admitted that his program does this if you are using "several illegal cd-keys".

I have not used, nor do I intend to use Display Eater if the application contains code that deletes my home folder. I won't under any circumstances risk my data; if the developer accidentally makes a mistake and marks my serial number as pirated, I might lose my data. That risk is unacceptable.

Also? This anti-piracy measure is unacceptable under any circumstances. You're welcome to lock up your program as tight as you want, but the minute you go touching something that doesn't belong to you, you've stepped out of line. If you have any sort of weblog, consider spreading this information as well: developers who resort to these measures don't belong on the Mac platform, and they're as bad as people who create viruses and spyware.

Oh, by the way, if you're looking for a good screen capture program, Snapz Pro X is an excellent choice.

(via Geek Patrol)

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