Mac Ad Parodies, Visor

Friday, 2006-07-07; 22:12:00

There is a fine line between making funny parodies of Mac ads (via digg), and just making lame-ass ones. I think the difference is that you can't be a pompous ass. Oh, that, and you kind of want to get up to date on the latest Mac operating system before bashing it.

(For the record, I never was very fond of either the Switcher campaign or the Get a Mac campaign. The Switcher campaign was OK, but the Get a Mac campaign kind of makes me cringe a bit. Seriously, Apple, when are you going to actually show off the operating system instead of showing off random people?)

Also, if you use the Terminal often, you might want to check out Visor (originally found via Infinite Loop), from the folks who make Quicksilver. It's a cool SIMBL plugin that allows you to have a Terminal window slide out from the top of your screen at the press of a command key sequence, regardless of what application you're currently running. (Terminal has to already be open in the background, but that's a non-issue as long as you just put Terminal into your login items.)

This pretty much replicates the experience of MacsBug from Mac OS 9, where you could drop into a sort of shell at any time. However, I doubt this would be useful if your GUI locks up. I'm still waiting for a solution that'll allow you to do that, so that you might be able to resolve the lockup from the command-line.

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