Mmm... alternate stylesheet buttons

Wednesday, 2006-04-05; 01:17:00

So.. I originally implemented stylesheet switching by putting four links in a new section in the sidebar. I also mentioned that I wanted to make buttons and put them in the banner instead. Well, that's all been done now, thanks to a reader.

Sometimes I forget that the stuff I write here is visible to the world, so it's kind of funny sometimes when I get e-mail notifying me of comments or just e-mails from readers. I have had some comments come in recently about my two rants about HP printers and sucky scanning software. It seems that my rant about HP printers comes up as the second search result on Google for "hp scanner software that doesn't suck". (Heh heh, the same post is ranked number 7 on Google for "hp scanner software sucks".) I think that's pretty hilarious. The one about scanning software seems also to have been getting some traffic, and it probably has a similarly amusing Google phrase that makes it come up as a top search result.

Anyway, after Monday's post about implementing alternate stylesheets, I got an e-mail from a reader who made me those stylesheet buttons that you now see in the upper-right corner of the page. Not that I couldn't have made them myself, but I think it's cool that one of my readers would go out of their way to make them for me. (They're simple and to the point, so I like them. I was actually thinking of just having a red button and a blue button, and then a left nav button and a right nav button, but that would still be four buttons and would require some extra JavaScript work.) So here's a shout out to Peter for the buttons! Thanks!

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