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Saturday, 2006-07-29; 00:53:00

WWDC Keynote Bingo!

Heh heh. So to recap, John Siracusa came out with his WWDC keynote bingo card. Then, I got ahold of his Illustrator file, and made a randomizing AppleScript to create 20 more bingo cards.

Now, Peter Hosey of Domain of the Bored fame (as well as Adium and the comments here) has gone and made some EPS files that generate random cards every time you open the file (mirror here, in case the first link goes down, and another here on my .mac account in case both go down).

As a bonus, he's added in a bunch of squares to the randomizer, including "iPod pico/flea", "Audience member not ejected for yelling 'BINGO!' (special dispensation from Jobs)", and a multitude of other possibilities and funny squares. I still think that a "gratuitious 3D keynote graph of Mac sales" or a "questionable statistics" square should've been included.

So, yeah. Here's to hoping that Apple will be broadcasting a live stream of the keynote. I also think Peter's suggestion of branded bingo markers is great.

(By the way, The Guardian's technology blog weblog claimed they did the keynote bingo meme before, but I hereby declare that claim nullified because their card was UTTER CRAP. [UPDATE: I recently noticed that their bingo card is 6x4, not 5x5. WTF? Seriously, like I said, utter crap.] MacUser magazine also did it before as well, and their card looked good. But it doesn't seem like it was tailored for actual use; it seemed to be just kind of a throwaway gimmick on the page -- I doubt the quality would've been good enough to use as an actual card. So if Siracusa wants to claim that he started the keynote bingo meme, that's fine by me.)

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