Thursday, 2007-10-25; 16:55:00

So I'm trying out this Twitter thing.

I've been thinking about how to create a sort of "weblog" for my random thoughts of the moment. Converting Linkable Supernova to a sort of links-and-thoughts weblog is one possibility, but I really didn't want to muddy it up with stupid, random thoughts that may not make sense to anybody but me and one other person.

Another possibility was to simply create another weblog with iBlog, but that's such overkill for just random one-line thoughts. I don't need all the supporting files and sidebars and archives and comments. Plus, it threatens to further segregate my longer entries across four weblogs. Already, some of my Linkable Supernova articles get pretty long, enough that they might make sense to be an Emotional Supernova or Technological Supernova post. And I get annoyed when that happens. I like my current segregation of personal affairs or interests, thoughts on technology, and random links.

The potential for ridiculously long thoughts is the main reason why I chose to finally get on Twitter: each twitter has an hard-coded limit of 140 characters. No exceptions, no excuses. I definitely consider this a feature.

This externally imposed limit forces me to really make my thoughts on Twitter be thoughts, not tomes. And I can be stupid and random and off-the-wall and not have it dilute any of my weblogs. And it might relieve my chosen IM-contact-of-the-minute of listening to my thoughts, instead (although I suppose the reason I sometimes do that is to get a response :P ).

So if you have twitter, you can follow me if you'd like. Currently I'm mostly following people in the Mac community, but this could turn out to be useful for real-life friends as well. If you're not on Twitter and don't feel like signing up, there's an RSS feed of my tweets. Or, you can just visit that link every day if you're a curmudgeon.

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