WWDC Keynote Bingo

Sunday, 2006-07-23; 19:42:00

John Siracusa's game for WWDC 2006.

Oh. My. God.

Picture courtesy of FatBits (John Siracusa's weblog); rules also available at that link. I would die laughing if a WWDC attendee actually stood up and shouted, "Bingo!" at the keynote.

[UPDATE: Siracusa let me grab a copy of the file he used to create the bingo card, and I worked some AppleScript magic on it to randomize the entries and position them properly within the squares. So now there are 21 cards, not just 1, although I'm pretty sure Siracusa carefully engineered card #0 (the original) so that it would be likely to have a bingo on it somewhere. All other cards are just randomized.]

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